Bonding With Your Newborn and Postpartum Blues

Bonding with your baby is often not immediate, it can take a little bit of time to happen and for those strong feelings of attachment to grow. A lot of women struggle with bonding with their baby from the beginning and if they are also suffering from postpartum blues it can be even harder.

For some women there is an immediate bond, but very often there is a bonding process that takes place.

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  1. I had a easy bonding with my new born my friend complain that she didnt have alot of time with her new born as they fetched her little one when she ate and stuff like that but in my case i said please leave my baby with me when i eat drink everything and when i had to do something hubby was there i even slept with my boy in bed with me the everynight in hospital skin to skin was important for me and not to be without my little boy.

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