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Baby Hand Footprint Kits -A Beautiful Baby Keepsake

The baby years are so special and they really go by so fast. In the blink of an eye the baby years are over and you will find yourself missing those times immensely!

One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t capture more baby moments. If I could go back in time I would take a lot more pictures, I would treasure all those precious moments more and I would have made sure that I spent more time and effort on acquiring beautiful baby keepsakes.

One of the things I planned on getting for both my babies but I never seemed to get around to it was baby hand footprint kits. It is a stunning baby keepsake and I just never got around to doing it.

I have now changed the way I look at baby shower gifts, yes I know having a baby is expensive so buying nappies and essential baby items will always help a new mother… but the thing is that if you don’t buy those things for a new mother she will always manage to get them on her own.

I was overwhelmed as a new mother, as I am sure a lots of other new mothers are. Creating beautiful baby keepsakes was something I just never got around to doing.

So what are Ninos Baby Hand Footprint Kits?

The Ninos Handprint, Footprint and Wooden Picture Framekit is a kit made up of safe, non-toxic clay and a frame that will hold the clay mold plus two photographs. You then take hand and footprints of your baby and set it into the frame with some photographs.

There are four color choices when it comes to frames – baby pink, baby blue, white and wooden, making it easy to buy for girls, boys or choosing gender neutral.

Baby Hand Footprint Kits

If you want to hear what other moms have said about these kits, have a look at their 5 star ratings on Amazon by customers that have purchased them.

This is a stunning gift for a baby shower for someone special and if you want to make your own beautiful baby keepsakes then I suggest you add this to your list of things to buy.

It will make a beautiful baby keepsake and stunning decor for your home too. You can even buy some extras to give as special gifts to doting grandparents!

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  1. Amazing ideas people come up with pitty these werent around back in the day. They gorgeous

  2. These are so nice i love them… the hospital i went to for labour the made us a type of certificate that have a photo of our baby his names weight lenght and the 2 small foot prints we have the paint hand prints of daddy mommy and baby its memories to have and keep.

  3. Wow so cute,i wish i had done that when he was a little child to have his own footprint on the wall

  4. That a great way to make memory’s am going to get one soon I didn’t make much memory with my son but God has given me another chance

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