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Binki Kids – Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Nursery rhymes and kids songs are one of the best ways to teach our children important lessons, as well as to help young children develop their language skills. Music provides so many additional benefits for children, plus it is fun and entertaining for them too. When my children were younger they could spend hours watching nursery rhymes and kids songs, singing away.

***Disclosure – this post is sponsored by Binki Kids***

“Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.” You’ve heard it a million times, but do your kids know all the words? Don’t worry, Binki Kids is here to help! Their newly launched channel compiles all your favorite kid’s songs and nursery rhymes in an entertaining show that will have your child singing along in no time.

Enter a world of discovery and delightful education with Eva, a curious baby who’s got a lot to learn! Binki Kids follows baby Eva as her brother, Jack, and sister, Peach, teach her about alphabets, shapes, colors and more. Each episode will take your little one into Eva’s room, where a magic wall has a button that can play songs for children. Here, your tot can join in as Jack teaches Eva about the animals, or Peach shows off the dance for “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa.” Every new day in Eva’s room has a new lesson to learn! Is your family ready to press play on this adventure?

Binki Kids uses a system of rhymes for kids and songs to help your child learn and remember lessons about everyday life. Watch as your child masters the ABCs, body parts, and numbers through a variety of fun songs. From favorites like the “Daddy Finger Song” to classics like “The Alphabet Song,” Binki Kids will have your whole family singing along!

Designed for children between 1 and 7 years old, Binki Kids makes education fun for all ages! Just learning to walk? Enjoy our selection of baby songs! Preschool or kindergarten? Choose an episode focusing on number and alphabet songs for children! Whether they are teaching the “Finger Family” or “The Body Parts Song,” there’s always something your child can enjoy.

Peaches Binki KidsFilled with gorgeous imagery and a great attention to detail, Binki Kids is a feast for your child’s eyes. With 3D characters and high quality art, Eva’s adventures will come to your screen in full, beautiful color. Each episode will deliver not just a set of fun songs, but also a sense of wonder and magic. Here, your child won’t just be watching a show; they’ll be watching a family. Seeing Peach, Jack, and Eva bonding together with catchy music and lively animations will show your child a healthy, fun example of human relationships. After all, music does have a power to bring us together!

At Binki Kids, we believe in the magic of music. “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” is more than just a song. “The Body Parts Song” is more than just words and a dance. Through repetition and patterned words, these nursery rhymes will make learning and memorizing faster and easier for your child. Their music for children provides an outlet for young energy, letting your little ones dance, sing, and find appropriate outlets for expression. Research shows that early exposure to music helps children develop Jack Binki Kidssocially and improves their understanding of language – as the child learns to recognize patterns and rhythms, they’ll also identify those traits in words and sentences. Music is also proven to improve children’s cognitive abilities and memory skills!

Binki Kids can deliver all these benefits and more with their new channel! So press play. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound. Binki Kids is about to start.

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  1. Oh my, this looks super adorable.

    My biggest challenge is finding cute songs and rhymes in Afrikaans. But I think it’s probably better to get something like this in English which can only be beneficial for JD to get used to a second language.

    JD enjoys singing and dancing immensely and he is only 21 months now.

    He must get it from me because I was always singing and dancing. I even made up my own songs. I always think to myself that if a person is whistling or singing, then they must be happy.

    JD points to my radio now to indicate that I must put on some music. He laughs at me when I sing him silly songs.

    We even have a little ritual with Baba black sheep where he sits on my lap while I sing and do different tricks with his hands and arms. 🙂

    I love that the songs and rhymes are often educational. It is better to remember words and actions when they are performed.

    I will definitely look into Binki kids merchandise because I think it is super adorable.

  2. Betsie Labuschagne

    This sounds interesting. Will give it a try with Jo-Mari and see how she like it.

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