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6 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas For Moms That Love Reading

Mothers day is just around the corner and I’ve been searching for some lovely Mother Day gift ideas for my mom. We are a bookworm family so my mother loves reading and I’ve come across some stunning gift ideas for moms that love reading and thought I would share them with you all, maybe the perfect Mother Day gift is here for your mom.

I love theme inspired gifts that are personal and something that the receiver will really love, so here are my top picks of Mother Day gifts for moms that love to read:

Blue Agate Bookends

These Blue Agate Bookends are stunning and will brighten up your mom’s home drawing attention to her collection of favorite books. Agate symbolizes friendly love and hope and helps to alleviate fatigue, pressure and other negative energy.

All pieces of agate are unique, some will have cracks, dents and defects on the surface which is perfectly normal.

Silver Tone Bookmarks With Dangling Beads

Buying a set of beautiful bookmarks will make any bookworm happy and this is a gift that will be used over and over again. Remember that a set is always better than just one when it comes to true die hard bookworms. They be busy with a number of books at a time. I know that I often am.

LED Clip Reading Light

These LED clip reading lights are brilliant gifts for bookworms. My husband doesn’t like the bedroom light on when he is in bed, which made it so hard for me to read before going to sleep which is something I love to do. These clip on LED reading lights focus the light only on your book pages so you don’t disturb anyone else. They are also especially nifty for using when the light is not too good somewhere in your home and don’t leave for a camping trip without one of these!

This is another awesome gift for a reader and it will also be used regularly.

Novel Tea With Literary Quotes

If your mom is a tea drinker and a reader this Novel Tea with Literary Quotes will be a wonderful gift to give, everyone knows that having a hot drink while reading is the bomb. Even better if you have some biscuits to dunk in the tea.

Book Seat – Book Holder and Travel Pillow

This book seat book holder and travel pillow is another useful gift for a book lover. It is a great hands free book holder which doubles as a pillow for traveling – it will mold itself and shape to sit at any angle on the surface that you place it on.

Catalonia Wearable Fleece Blanket

This cosy and warm wearable fleece blanket has sleeves and pockets for your feet making it the ultimate when it comes to being comfortable while reading.

You can buy one of these gifts or bundle all of them together in an awesome Mother’s Day reading hamper to really spoil your mom.

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  1. Oh wow, I love all these gifts. I prefer to give gifts that are both functional and endearing.

    The majority of the gifts I buy are for home or personal use. I just think it makes sense to give a gift that means something. I like to think when they use my gift it reminds them of me.

    My Mom loves reading but she hardly ever get the time to do so. There are still some of my books lying on her bedside table.

    I adore all your gifts relating to reading. I wouldn’t mind having them for myself. The bookmarks with the charms are lovely! I think I can make myself something similar with the ribbon and beads that I have.

    That night light and the book stand is super handy.

    I ordered a personalized mug for my Mom. It has two pictures of JD’s recent photo shoot and the words: “I love Granny. Happy Mothers Day”.

    I think this would have special meaning. She spends a lot of her time at the shop. She works in retail. She can drink her coffee in this mug and look at JD’s little face all the time. She adores him and when she misses him this would be a great reminder. 🙂

    And I’ll get her some of her favourite snacks and maybe a nice little luxury soap and talcum powder. I am still deciding.

    If she is working that Sunday I think we can surprise her at the shop and deliver the gifts in person. She would really appreciate that.

  2. I loved the suggestion of a clip-on reading light. We don’t have any bedside tables or rather, let me rephrase that – we have two bedside tables, sitting in the spare room because the little monsters would climb on them; the elder monster managed to climb on the bedside table, fall off it, grab onto an open cupboard door on her way down and rip the top of the door off its hinge and that all on the day before we moved house and were hoping to leave our old home in a pristine condition for the new residents. So the bedside tables have been retired to a secluded spot and we have no reading light once the central light has been turned off.

    I also really liked the book holder. That way, I could still read while holding a small person.

  3. The book seat is a wonderful gift.

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