Best Natural Remedy for Flu

Best Natural Remedy for Flu

The flu and its symptoms are among the most upsetting things we all end up facing time and again. There are various medicinal products which are intended to cure or relieve flu symptoms, but apart from these costly and often repulsive products, there are also natural remedies which can be really helpful.

When flu season does its rounds make sure to get plenty of rest, eat well and look after your health so that your immune system is at it’s best, this is especially important for seniors and those that are frail.

First off, make sure you do get some rest and do not rush off to work. You are sick, and you need time to heal. So improve your condition a bit by keeping warm and rested. Secondly, make it a point to drink plenty of hot beverages. These help to prevent dehydration as well as relieve nasal congestion and soothe your throat. A cup of hot herbal tea is ideal.

One of the worst flu symptoms is undeniably the blocked or stuffy nose. Make sure to perform some salt water rinsing so as to break the congestion as you would also be removing the bacteria from your nose. There are sprays which can be bought over the counter, but better still, you can prepare some salt mixture yourself. Simply mix a quarter of a teaspoon of salt with a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of warm water. Then, squirt into your nostrils one at a time. This is a simple but very effective home remedy which will make you feel so much better. You can also prepare some homemade salve to apply on the irritated skin at the base of your nose using some menthol and eucalyptus. This will also help to open up your breathing passages. Nasal and sinus congestion are common flu symptoms. Try inhaling steam so as to remove the congestion.

If your sore throat is what is troubling you most, gargling with half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in warm water can bring some relief. You can also use some honey and apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice in hot water.

These are very simple home remedies which you can use to relieve flu symptoms. Medications will be helpful if the flu persists and if you are running a fever, but depending on whether your sore throat or your blocked nose are troubling you most, the above home remedies are very effective.

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  1. For my home remedy which always works is medlemon with a disprin disolved and lots of water then bed rest. However I have been sick now more than a week self medicating so by Wednesday if I am not better I will be going to doctor and I am sure they are going to say I have sinusitis bronchitis which is my number 1 hate sickness. My sinus get so affected on my jaw line that I get such severe toothache. I gargle lucke salt water and I sniff luke warm salt as well which helps my sinus but this time I am too far into this bug that got me good.

  2. Ive been sick twice now with flu…i recovered for a week then i got flu again and still have it…first time as i got better my son got it i got him better and my hubby started so both of them are all better now i got the flu again winter havent even started yet home remedies will help alot but as soon as its getting worse ill see a dr i use vicks under my feet and put socks on and ginger i know is a home remedy that helps alot i cant drink any medication that you disolve in water i cant keep it down…this salt water mixture will help alot for stuffy blocked nose as you can make it yourself and use it.

    • Its the worst when 1 gets better then another sick and a cycle. Best you and family get an immune booster especially once you have all healed and disinfect the house and bedding etc. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I am about to have a medlemon with disprin and fresh lemon just to help boost away my sinusitus bronchitus I am recovering from for about a week and half. havent been to doctor as yet as I dont need antibiotics and I am abit against antibiotics xxx

  3. @nics82 thank you yes i agree we must get boosters and vitamins bec i hate to see what the winter will be like if i had flu twice my little boy and hubby each had it im still trying to recover and get rid of the flu before they get sick again will be disinfecting and clean away all germs LOL if i can say it like that…shame good luck i know its not nice feeling this way you must also take care get well and hope you feel much better and recover before you have to get to a dr as you dont like antibiotics same here so i try dr myself with home remedies and over the counter meds before going to a dr as most prescribe antibiotics.

  4. Definitely some awesome tips!!! Which i have no doubt i will be trying this year. I was also thinking about having a Flu Shot this year, I’ve never had one before and honestly have received extremely mixed opinions about it. I was wondering what some moms thought about it? I have friends who swear blindly by it and then others who say they would never do it again. I’m so confused now LOL

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I will never get the flu shot @tamara737! I am convinced it makes you weaker long term. Everyone I know that gets that fly shot gets horribly ill every winter and while I might get the flu occasionally I bounce back.

      There are so many different strains of flu and it is mutating all the time. I think the best is to go for natural remedies and leave your body to fight off any illnesses as much as possible.

      Just my 2 cents worth!

      • Its so confusing @lynne
        Everyone i speak to either says they get as sick as dogs or the complete opposite.
        I completely agree with you though – the virus is changing all the time and when i spoke to the nurse regarding this she informed me that what the do is actually inject you with the “dead” virus….. um, so how does that help LOL

      • @lynne if i can comment on this my opinion i must agree i wont even consider to go for the flu shot my hubby went and was anyway sick in winter but not just that he felt so sick afterwards of the injection he said never again he will rather just have a vitamin shot or boost himself with good vitamins.

      • I agree with you lisa those flu injection it’d just a waste of money I use to take my son for a shot but he gets sick anyway

  5. I heal my self with the ginger and warm water then flu is gone

  6. Lemon water with honey and ginger tea it’d never go wrong in house.

  7. I think we must all keep our remedies by hand winter is on is if you have natural remedies share it with all of us on mommy lounge.

  8. When me and my family are sick with the flu I always choose home remedies first. I take 2 gloves of garlic cutting it up and grated ginger 1teaspoon boil it with 1 cup water and lemon juice when I drink it I just add honey to it

  9. My family occassionally gets the flu. When we do, we always opt for home remedies.

    I am in agreement with Lynne that the flu shot makes you weak long term. I can never understand why that happens.

  10. Thanks ladies for the tips,my husband has flu and I’ll use your remedies ❤️❤️

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