Behind The Scenes 20 May 2022 – Loving My Q Photo Photobooks!

Thankfully it’s been a quiet week behind the scenes 20 May 2022 when it comes to school activities, which means I’ve been able to focus on self-care and my mental health, as well as catching up on some work. My third photobook from Q Photo and my Nova Choc-Oh-Late hamper arrived.

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Behind The Scenes 20 May 2022 - Loving My Q Photo Photobooks!

Watch The Replay Of My Facebook Live Video

You can watch the replay of my live video on Facebook (below) or in the Youtube video above the post.

Q Photo Photobooks

I received my third photobook from Q Photo this week and it is stunning! For this theme I went with choosing photos of my two children together throughout the years. I love their bond and there are some very special moments that have been captured in this photobook.

My next photobook is on the way, For this one I chose my wedding photos. My husband and I have been married for 10 years and I have never printed out our wedding photos so this is going to be super special.

Panado® Paediatric Syrup, Peppermint 5 ml Sachets

Panado has brought out an amazing product that every mom needs – 5 ml sachets for on the go parents! The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about it is no more sticky spoons and glass bottles! What I would have given to have these on hand when my kids were teething babies.

You can get them at selected Dis-chem, Clicks and Pick n Pay stores. It wasn’t available at the Dis-chem in Vredenburg when I went to look, so I ordered them click and collect on the Dis-chem website and they were available the next day for collection.

Nova Choc-Oh-Late

Yay, I received my Nova Choc-Oh-Late for April and May this week. Yes there was a delay due to a delay in cacao being delivered. While I may have waited extra long for my delivery it was super exciting to open the box to find double the amount of chocolate inside!

With winter well and truly settling in I am going to really enjoy eating chocolate in bed while watching Netflix. I’m also going to be finding lots of new things to bake since I received loads of baking buttons.

If you want to know more about Nova Choc-Oh-Late read my review here.

FYI play it safe

I’ve been using the FYI play it safe app for a few weeks now on my kids’ phones and I am loving it. The app monitors your child’s online activities and if there is anything of concern it takes a screenshot and send it to your phone.

I’ve received a number of alerts to check and thankfully everything is fine. I’m so grateful I can rest easy knowing that if anything happens I will be aware of it immediately. The app monitors for things such as depression, self-harm, adult content, profanity, grooming and more.

Use my coupon code kaboutjie to get 10% off your FYI play it safe subscription.

Addiction eBook

A few years back I wrote an eBook about my days in active addiction – to highlight how powerless I was over my addiction and how far in denial I was about my problem. I am so incredibly grateful to be 13+ years clean and sober.

Use coupon code TG36N to get 50% off my addiction ebook – The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn.

Mental Health Update

If you’ve been following my live videos and weekly updates on my blog you will know that I have been finding it really hard to cope lately. Last week my doctor doubled my prescribed meds and thankfully I have been able to get some decent sleep in and I finding it a bit easier to cope.

Managing my mental health is sometimes easy but there are times where it gets hard and I have to put in a lot of effort to make sure that I stay on track. This week I have been more productive when it comes to my work which is great since lately it feels like I’m scrambling all the time to get things done. One thing that I have found to be so important is to watch my energy levels and be careful about when I can push myself and being kind to myself when I need to slow down and rest.

I’ve found over the years that my mental health is not a steady thing. It ebbs and flows, and things change all the time. It is so important for me to be mindful of where I am all the time when it comes to my mental health. Best mom bloggers 2021 – Dr. JoanetteKaboutjie Was Featured On Dr Joanette

I love it when my blog gets featured and this week I received notification that I was listed on Dr Joanette’s post as one of the  11 best mom blogs that will inspire you in 2022.

Sweatcoin – SWEAT Crytocurrency Coming Soon!

Yes I’m still really loving Sweatcoin – you earn Sweatcoins for walking and you can cash out offers on the app using your Sweatcoins. They are very soon launching SWEAT crypto where you earn SWEAT when you earn Sweatcoin. I don’t really know how this is going to work in practical terms – as in real cash in hand from SWEAT but as soon as I figure that out I will write my review and share all the details with you.

Click here to sign up for Sweatcoin.


Ysense is still bringing in a small but steady side income – I’ve now reached over $50 so far for May. Ysense is a great platform for earning through completing surveys and offers, playing games and referring others. Read my Ysense review for more information and my post on tips to increase your Ysense earnings. Click here to sign up.

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  1. I just love all of it each one we benefit out of it and most we earn just by downloading learn your post is amazing and the other post is so important especially and helpfull thank you

    • You know Lynne I have not completed my first year memory book and it is such a hassle to print pictures out and stick them myself. I will definitely order a first year book before your code expires.
      Thank you for informing me about the panado sachets. It is a huge help. Fingers crossed the Strawberry flavor Wil also be made into sachets.
      I am addicted to Nova thanks to you, and this really helped my family who are also addicted to chocolate but cannot have any due to diabetes but Nova came through for them thanks to you.
      I just love the FYI Play it Safe and I’m so happy that I’ve learned about it now so I will definitely use it in the future.
      Congratulations on your book Lynne. You inspire us to be better each day.
      Loved your posts about mental health, its not spoken about enough and I am glad you are speaking about it. Really helps to know everyone goes though the same thing so we are not alone.

      I have finally given sweatcoin my all. Walking with my spare phone all day.

      • Lynne Huysamen

        You will love the photobooks Tanya, I am so over the moon with mine and my last one arrived of my wedding photos. I can’t believe it has taken me over a decade to have our wedding photos done!

        I also hope the Panado sachets come out in strawberry, some of the kids really prefer that one.

        Enjoy Sweatcoin and make sure you sign up for the SWEAT crypto since as I understand it from the time you sign up until they officially launch it you can already start earning. I’ve got over 200 SWEAT that I will receive when they launch!

  2. The Friday live was lit loved how mommies get together and learn many more things,it also give young mothers positive minds as they have a platform to learn and talk about their experiences freely l.Good job Lynne
    With the winter approaching so fast I have decided I’m going to stock up on panado paediatric syrup satchets and be ready for the fever episodes that accompanies the winter
    ????wow you really doing great in ysense
    I once battled gambling addiction it was so bad that every time I got hold of a 5r I would bet,I’m glad I overcame it
    Congratulations to you for being clean for all those years and never looking back

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes I’m loving how Ysense is going, it is always great to have that extra income each month. Congrats on getting yourself out of that gambling addiction, it is so damaging! Let me know how those Panado sachets work out for you!

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