Behind The Scenes 05 August 2022 – Midterm Break Visiting The Farm

It’s been a really tough week behind the scenes 05 August 2022, trying find balance and nurturing myself after my slip with alcohol. Things have been slow going this week with my main focus being my recovery.

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Behind The Scenes 05 August 2022 - Midterm Break Visiting The Farm

Watch The Replay Of My Facebook Live Video – Behind The Scenes 05 August 2022

You can watch the replay of my live video on Facebook (below) or in the Youtube video above the post.


It was superb having Daminda Senekal-Griessel join me live to talk about fertility and tips to get pregnant naturally. I read Daminda’s book FertilitySOS and it is jam-packed with fantastic information on conquering unexplained infertility naturally. Click here to read my review on her book and enter the giveaway to win her book.

The physical book will be available in bookstores and at Takealot within the next few weeks, you can also buy her ebook on Amazon and her website. She offers a Fertility Master Class on her website, as well as fertility coaching. You can book a 10 minute session with her for free and take it from there.

Update On My Alcohol Slip

It has been tough having a slip with alcohol after 14 years in recovery. Although I’m actually grateful for my slip. It made me realize and come to terms with how hard things have been and that I need to make some big changes to ensure that my mental health is in a good place. It’s not the slip I’m focusing on, but what went wrong and where I go to from here, it’s what I do with it.

I’ve been going to AA meetings, seeing my therapist, and doing the next right thing.

Mid-term Break – Off To The Farm

It feels like the kids have only just gone back to school and they are on a 5 days mid-term break. Honestly though I needed this break. My kids and I are going to spend it at my parent’s farm in Swellendam and I am going to be following my therapist’s advice. I need to rest, nurture my soul and spend time with family.

The best place I can be right now is with my parents.

Chess Tournaments

I’m so over the moon with my son’s enthusiasm and progress with being in the school chess team. Last weekend my son’s team took the gold medal in the West Coast Tops Schools chess tournament and they are now through to the Western Cape tournament. This will mean many more weekends traveling to tournaments and as I understand it these tournaments will run for two days on weekends. It is going to be fun, but also tiring and expensive to travel.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend and will catch up with you next week!

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  1. Thank you for your amazing drive, inspiration and showing us moms that we are all human and mistakes and accidents happen!!

    Thank you!!!

  2. I enjoyed watching this ,thank you for showing us the true joys of motherhood and not just the glamour. Mothers are human too and mistakes and accidents are bound to happen.
    Thank you so much ❤️

    • It is a pleasure Queenneth, and yes I make plenty of mistakes, it is about what you do with them and how you grow from the experience.

  3. I hope you feel better soon Lynne. You’re just going through too much righ now. Last week’s live was so good. Well done to your boys team for getting a gold medal. Hope you had a peaceful time at the farm.

  4. Tshegofatso Washington

    Absolutely love Daminda and her amazing initiative! So much so that I decided to follow her pages and help share her book and get the word out so that couples dealing with infertility can get the help they need soonest!

    Please be OK soon Lynne, I’m so sorry you’re going through so much! Enjoy time out with your kids and family at the farm ans congratulations to your son , he’s doing amazing!

    • Thank you Tshegofatso, it’s been a hard week but I’m managing! I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview with Daminda, she has so much fantastic knowledge on the subject of natural fertility, it has been a pleasure sharing about her amazing book.

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