3 Reasons To Choose A Bedside Bed For Your Toddler

It feels like just the other day when you brought your newborn into your home, and now he has outgrown their cot. The typical advancement for your child is to transition from a cot to a toddler bed. Most kids will need to move to a larger bed around the age of two years. The process can be a tad overwhelming and difficult for them at first. Where to begin? How do you know if your child is ready, and what should you look for when buying a toddler bed? Read on to find out more.

3 Reasons To Buy A Bedside Bed For Your Toddler

3 Reasons To Choose A Bedside Bed For Your Toddler

They Are Super Convenient

Often, a baby cot’s mattress will fit a toddler bed which means your child can remain comfortable with what he is used to. Bedside toddler beds give you easy access to your child when he needs you and give him peace of mind that you are close. These beds come in various colors and styles, making it easy to choose one that fits your style preference to a tee. These beds are convenient since they are smaller than single beds, which means they take up less room. Most toddler bed mattresses are vinyl-covered, making them easy to clean and the finishes and paints used are child-friendly.

Specially Designed For Toddler Comfort and Safety

Toddler side beds are specially designed to fit the needs of little ones. Small kids like to play imaginary games and jump on beds. That is why manufacturers make the frames from durable materials with longevity in mind. Many toddler side beds come with integrated guard rails. A guarded bed prevents toddlers from falling out of bed, which can come in handy if your child is a restless sleeper. Most toddler beds are closer to the ground than single beds, so if your child falls out of bed, he will be less likely to get hurt.

Easy On The Budget

Beds for toddlers are often cheaper than single beds, making them the perfect option for transitioning your child from his cot to a bed. In many cases, a cot mattress will fit the toddler bed, which means you don’t have to buy a mattress as well.  Some toddler beds are designed to transition to a single bed. Therefore, you won’t have to buy a single bed when he outgrows the toddler bed.

When Should Your Child Transition From A Cot To A Toddler Bed?

The best time to make the transition from cot to a toddler bed is when your child has outgrown the crib and starts to show an interest in sleeping in his own bed.

How To Make The Transition Easier On Your Child

Toddlers often don’t stay put in their beds for the entire night. Try to make their bed as welcoming and cozy as you can. Put down his favorite blanket or soft toy – things that he finds comforting. To prevent him from getting out of bed every time he wakes up during the night, it helps to teach him from a young age to self-soothe. Maybe offer a reward if he manages to stay in bed throughout the night. Transitioning from his crib to a toddler bed is a big change. Give him time to get used to the idea and his newfound freedom.

Sleeping Toddler

Considerations When Shopping For A Toddler Bed

Safety First

The most essential consideration is safety. Ideally, the bed must have side guards, preferably ones that resemble a crib instead of solid plane guard rails, which can pose a safety risk. The bed should not be too high from the ground to minimize the risk of injury in case he falls out of bed.

Style And Design

As mentioned before, it is useful to choose a bed with guard rails that resemble a crib. Remember, your toddler is transitioning from an entirely enclosed bed to one that is semi-enclosed. It is essential to retain as much consistency whenever you can as far as experience, look, and feel is concerned. Toddlers don’t do well with change, so you need to make the transition as easy as possible for them.

Budget And Space

When shopping for a toddler bed, keep your budget and the amount of available space in mind. Also, consider the needs of your toddler. Not all children are the same, so keep looking until you find a bed that is perfect for your little one.


We hope you have found our post about three reasons to choose a bedside bed for your toddler helpful.  These beds are excellent options for kids to transition from a crib to a larger bed. Be sure to take the above-mentioned considerations into account when choosing the best toddler bed for your child. Happy shopping!

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