Pregnant Hip Pain

7 Ways To Relieve Hip Pain During Pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses into the second and then third trimesters you will find that you are having more aches and pains. Backache, pelvic pain and hip pain are all very common during pregnancy and your chances of having these symptoms will increase as your pregnancy progresses and puts more strain on your body.

If you are struggling with hip pain during pregnancy there are some natural and effective ways to find relief.

  1. Wear A Pregnancy Belt

Pregnancy belts are designed to support the abdomen and lower back during pregnancy. Girdles or pregnancy belts offer many benefits for pregnant women, in particular during the second and third trimesters.

Belly belts help to reduce back pain, joint pain and round ligament pain which is pain in front of the hips and below the belly. They can also help to support your belly when you exercise which makes it easier to get some gym time in. In addition to these awesome benefits pregnancy belts also help to promote better posture during pregnancy which will also help to reduce aches and pains.

  1. Support

Proper support during pregnancy is absolutely vital to helping to alleviate any hip pain you may be experiencing. It is important to avoid standing long hours while pregnant and when you are sitting or sleeping you must have proper support. A pregnancy pillow will come very much in handy while you are pregnant. This will give you the much needed support you need and help you to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Sleeping during late pregnancy becomes a challenge. It is best to sleep on your side and keep your legs bent. Putting a pillow in between your knees can help keep you in the correct position and help to relieve pain in the hips.

It is also important to have the correct mattress when you are pregnant, Having a mattress that is too soft will not give you the support that you need and having a mattress that is too firm will cause aches and pains too.

Make sure that when you are sitting down you have a sturdy chair that will help you to keep your correct posture, especially if you need to spend extended time in a seated position like at work. Make sure that you have a chair that will keep your hips and waist in the right position like this Herman Miller Aeron chair.

  1. Exercise

Getting in regular exercise such as yoga or pilates can help with alleviating hip pain. These exercising stretch and strengthen the muscles around your abdomen and back. It is important to remember that if you have a strong core you will experience less hip pain and other pain.

Make sure to always check with your doctor before taking up any exercise while pregnant. It is also important to ensure that if you go to any yoga or pilates classes that the instructor is experienced in prenatal yoga or pilates.

Pregnant getting back massage

  1. Massage

Massage comes with many benefits for pregnancy, including helping with relieving many aches and pains during pregnancy. When you get a pregnancy massage this helps to soothe, relax and loosen aching muscles.

If you plan on going for a pregnancy massage make sure that the massage therapist you want to go to is qualified and experienced in prenatal massage.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit during pregnancy without putting a strain on your body. The added benefit is that water is an amazing pain reliever too, this is why women use water for pain relief during labor and birth.

You will be light when in the water and you won’t be putting all that pressure and strain on your joints and muscles. So if you suffer from hip pain during pregnancy try and get some regular swimming sessions in.

  1. Hot and Cold Compresses

Both heat and cold can help to alleviate hip pain so you can try both to see which works better or even alternate between an ice pack and a hot water bottle to relieve the pain.

  1. Realign Your Pelvis

Realigning your pelvic bone can help to reduce hip pain during pregnancy. To realign your pelvis lie on your back and put a pillow between your knees, then squeeze as hard as you can. Doing this can realign your pelvis so that you experience less pain. It can provide great relief when you are struggling with pain.

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  1. Betsie Labuschagne

    I did not have any pain during my pregnancy, but after my daughter’s birth I tend to get some hip pain now and again when I have been sitting for long, like when taking a trip somewhere. Other days it is perfectly fine, but there come days that it’s back again. It usually go away by itself.

  2. I read this article and only one thing came to mind, you can actually swim during pregnancy.
    I am shocked. Stunned.
    I loved swimming and once I found out was pregnant I immediately stopped.
    I knew walks was fine and allowed in pregnancy but not swimming. I was warned mainly about the chlorinated pool and bad effects that this could have to my baby.
    When you swim you hold your breath, this was my main concern. Does this not affect your baby’s health? Would anybody have more insight on this on a personal level? Somebody who has been swimming often whilst pregnant?

    • Honestly I never thought about anything in the water. I was 6 months pregnant when my hubby and I got married. We went to Montagu Springs for our honeymoon and it was so amazing to spend so much time in the water. I was already experiencing back pain, period pain and hip pain by then and being in the water gave so much relief. Maybe that is another topic for me to investigate for an article – the effect of swimming water during pregnancy.

      • That would be perfect, it is always good to know these sort of things when being pregnant.
        Even if we are not pregnant it could help others we know.

  3. I am definitely uaing these tips for these last few weeks. I know that swimming is great on the muscles

    • Swimming is a fantastic way to exercise – I loved swimming while I was pregnant because it took away so many stresses on my body!

  4. Great advice, wish I read this a month ago I had it in my 2nd trimester and could not walk was painfully and only got away when I got a support band

  5. Wish I knew this when I was pregnant even know I am battling with my hip

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