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7 Thematic Party Ideas For Your Kids

It’s your little one’s special day and you want it to be one ultra-special day, so there is no stopping mom from planning the perfect birthday bash. Kids wait all year to celebrate their big day and an amazing party theme awaits them to take their birthday celebrations to the next level.

There is no doubt that kids adore themed parties because it fleshes out imaginary worlds and situations they may have only seen on TV and the movies. Birthdays are the time when your little one can play up as a pirate, pixie, princess, ninja, mad scientist or any out-of-this-world concept.

Your head is probably already exploding like a piñata with decorative and activity ideas to put more realism to the fantasy and inspiring stuff like glitter, sprinkles, strawberries etc., are already on your purchase list to make your kid’s party one mad and outrageous birthday bash to be remembered and Instagrammed for posterity.

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7 Thematic Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kids

Camping themed party

A camping themed party is one of the most adorable kid’s party themes because you can be totally creative with how you name your food and set up the decorations, as well as party packs ideas. What is more, kids totally love the idea of camping already!

Camping themed parties are especially nice when you have a big outdoor space such as a garden or lawn. Set-up tents with tarps and hammocks on your greenery as well as some pillows to allow guests a place to relax and take in the camping ambiance. Set up an adventure walk where kids can observe rocks and greenery closely.  Set up creative camping party signs to direct your guests where all the food and entertainment are.

Use a wooden table outside for the formal meal to have that ultimate camping feeling and coordinate all your utensils and dining accessories by using rustic and wooden plates and platters. Surround the buffet table and the party area with wooden or paper mâché animals to complete the forest camp look.

Unicorn themed party

From Starbucks drinks to plush toys, to the nickname of startup companies that reach the billion-dollar value, unicorns are people’s fancy.

Unicorns themes are hot in recent years as the multitude of unicorn themed merchandise and unicorn themed food can attest. The popularity of unicorns is good because it just makes planning your unicorn-themed party so much easier.

Remember to stick to pastel colors when decorating and add the candy sprinkles whenever you can. Have drinks that pop with rainbow colors or an unusual purple shade to add some magic to your buffet table.

You can add shimmering gold and silver to your party décor to add a pop of color to your event. Sky dancers are a great addition to a unicorn-themed party but only choose dancers that complement the unicorn colors. Sky dancers add visual delight and dynamism to any party and will increase interest to your gathering.

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A Wizard of Oz Party

The Wizard of Oz has a colorful cast of interesting characters where your children and guests can dress up as. A Wizard of Oz themed party is a great way for your kids’ guests to dress up and come to your party as any of the characters of their choosing.

As guests arrive dressed up, you will indeed feel the pages of the story coming to life. The Wizard of Oz has a lot of interesting objects in it that you can play up in your party. Watch the movie to get some inspiration in choosing props for your party as well as choosing party theme colors.

If you have a fondness for green you can focus on an Emerald City theme and plan out your balloon and lighting to match the mesmerizing green hues mentioned in the storybook.

Football party

A football party is the best chance for you to utilize your outdoor space for a special sports themed celebration. Have your kid and their guests dress up in football attire or as their favorite football star.

Design your space for activity and action by turning a spare space into a mini football field where little kids can run and test their skills. Alternatively, you can design an obstacle course where participants get active and sporty and win prizes.

Continue the sporty theme in your buffet table by designing football themed mini cakes and dishes and using utensils and décor that keep to the football theme.

Ballerina Party

If your little one is taking ballet lessons or dreaming of becoming a prima ballerina, a ballerina themed party may be the best to give your little one the chance to shine.

You can opt for a general theme or design your theme around famous ballet classics like Swan Lake, or the Nutcracker.  Shop around for accessories and design party favors that complement your chosen ballet theme.

Have lots of pink and cutouts of dancing girls in arabesque. Design a tutu for your buffet table and chairs to give your party that airy, feminine ambiance of ballet. Don’t slack on an explosion of pastels, roses, and pearls in a ballerina themed party to give your party an authentic and theatrical appeal.

Treasure Hunt Theme Party

A treasure hunt themed party will pique the interest of older kids. Kids who are four years old and above need more stimulation and have the ability to solve complex riddles. Make your next birthday bash exciting for all as you stash away treasures and prizes in unlikely places that only the best junior gumshoes can find.

Make sure you keep to age-appropriate clues and keep your trails easy to solve for kids. In a treasure hunt themed party, you can set your rules such as grouping kids together to solve a riddle or have them sleuth on their own.

Treasure hunt-themed parties keep kids active and involved all day long and figuring out the riddles and getting the prize just makes your birthday bash all the more memorable. Make sure you have party favors for all so there will be no hard feelings.

Holding birthday cake sprinkles

Craft Themed Party

Older kids love making stuff with their own hands so a craft themed party is a sure winner. Plus, a craft-themed party makes sure that everyone gets to bring home their own creations. Keep your party place clean by supplying guests with rags, gloves, and aprons.

Crafting gets everyone involved and you can make your craft party more interesting by having your guests choose from a number of crafts. Prepare t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, picture frames and pots to be colored and personalized.

Supply your guests with the appropriate materials such as glue, coloring materials, stickers, and paint brushes so they will have more creative freedom. Your guests will be hungry after all that crafting so prepare a hearty sit-down meal as the finale of the birthday bash.

Children’s birthdays give you the chance to be creative and celebrate an occasion that will be remembered and adored forever. For any theme you have thought of there are tons of ideas out there to make your theme an out-of-this-world reality.

Design your birthday bash to match your kid’s age for added fun and involvement. Childhood is the best time for you to bond with your kid and plant positive memories, and giving them an amazing birthday bash is just one of them.

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