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7 Fun Indoor Educational Activities For Kids

Playing different games or taking part in various activities is every kid’s favorite hobby. It is also crucial for his/her mental and physical development. While the outdoor activities keep your kid physically fit, the indoor activities develop and enhance his cognitive skills. As a whole, both of them are of undeniable value.

However, sometimes it may get tough to take your kids outside for performing outdoor activities. Your strict working hours or severe weather can be the reason for avoiding outdoors. This is where you can involve your child in indoor activities.

There are a number of different fun-filled indoor activities that also fulfill educational purposes in a playful manner. Seven of them are discussed below:

7 Fun indoor Educational Activities For Kids

1.   Planting an Indoor Garden

Planting an indoor garden is a fun-filled way of educating your kids about various plants and flowers. Encouraging them to sow seeds, water the plant and do all the gardening is an awesome idea to keep them engaged and active. In this way, you can also sow some amazing herbs, yummy vegetables and fruits the indoor garden with your little one. Or else you can also take inspiration from NASA technology to planting an advanced technology indoor garden.

Apart from sowing and growing plants, indoor gardening can help your child in his/her studies too. This is because it includes various natural procedures that are also a part of his curriculum e.g., photosynthesis, reproduction, grafting, pollination etc. Hence your kids can observe all that in their indoor garden which can also develop their interest even more in science.

2.   Baking:

As a matter of fact, it takes accurate measurements and time management to bake something perfectly. In addition, it can be helpful in learning and differentiating between colors and ingredients. Also, baking is a splendid way of enhancing your child’s creativity levels.  Therefore, it is another delicious and at the same time educational indoor activity.

Furthermore, trying different items, using attractive molds and cutters increases the fun even more.  Ensure your kid may not hurt himself e.g. when using cutters or dishing in and out from the hot oven etc. Happy baking buddies!

Child cutting out biscuits

3.   Learning a Different Language:

Learning a new language at home is yet another interesting educational activity. It can be French, Spanish, Chinese or any other language as per your child’s choice. You can take help from various different apps for accurate learning. Kids will enjoy learning a different language when their parents or siblings enthusiastically take part in this activity. You can ask your child to learn something in a different language and then listen to what they learned daily. This will help your child to keep remember and revise his new learning. Additionally, it can also help your child when opting for a language as one of his subjects in school.

Coloring in

4.   Writing and Drawing:

Writing as an indoor activity is great to develop creative writing skills in your child. It will be greatly helpful for your child in his academic life. You can provide your child with a personal diary to write his thoughts or feelings in it.

Otherwise, your kids may find the idea more interesting and entertaining of writing on a blackboard or a whiteboard. A whiteboard or blackboard with colorful marker or chalks can also be used for the same purpose. No matter what material you provide them for writing, just allow them to be as creative as they can.  Your kids may also like to draw on the board or paper which is also a useful activity to develop his artistic skills. Make sure to provide a comfortable chair and table for your kids for arts and crafts. I prefer colorful and wooden kids study desks that has a lot of organizing compartments for children to keep things in one place.

A laptop or tablet can also be utilized for writing and drawing purposes.

5.   Puzzle Solving:

Solving puzzles requires focus thus can enhance your child’s cognitive skills. Moreover, it can also be an effective way to let your child find different ways of solving a problem. You can buy some colorful and mindful puzzles from the market which are made up of cardboard or plastic. Or else, you can draw them or let your child draw puzzles on a big wide paper at home. Subsequently, help your child cut all the pieces nicely and carefully. Also, keep all the pieces stored in a safe place after the game finishes for later use.

6.   Finding the Hidden Items:

Finding hidden items at home can be exciting and enthralling for kids particularly when there is a reward for each finding. You can give your -kids some hints verbally or in written form to help ease their finding mission. For hiding items, plants, drawers, vases, closet etc. can be utilized. The hidden item can be chocolates to let your child hungrily hunt for it. Or you can hide some coins to help your child save some money after finding them.

Following all the clues rightly enhances your child’s cognitive ability to tackle the problem mindfully.

Young Child Painting

7.   Painting:

Many children love to paint walls, doors, pots, plants, papers or whatever object or place they have. Even providing a small space can allow them to show up their creativity. Provide your child with colorful paints, some fine brushes and a considerable space to paint. It nurtures their skill so your child may excel in painting and become a top-class painter in the future. You can also take part in painting to make it more interesting for your kids. Additionally, let your child know about different and new modes of painting e.g., abstract art, oil painting etc. The Internet can be best utilized for this purpose.

Your child would definitely like the idea of performing the above discussed indoor activities. This is because all such activities are fun-filled, creative and allow your child to learn many different things playfully. These activities serve as educating your child in an entertaining way so he may not get bored rather will participate with eagerness.

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  1. Awesome activities for indoors I was looking for some tips as the holidays are coming up now and it’s winter!

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes and it is getting super chilly already! We are going to have to get very creative with our kids these holidays to keep them entertained and out of mischief. Our favourite activity is baking. My kids want to make a gingerbread house – we did one years ago when they were much younger and they loved it 🙂

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