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7 Common Not To Do’s Of Wearing Bras

It is funny how so many women have a hard time figuring out bras. One would think that by now, pretty much every girl should have her bra game in the bag. Unfortunately, this is not the case. But you should not feel too bad about this, after all, bras are a lot more complicated than they seem. Knowing how to use a bra properly is really important. This is because a bra’s level of comfort and support is directly proportional to how well you wear it.

Let’s go through some of the most common bra mistakes that everyone makes. We will take a look at why these mistakes are so common and how can we avoid them.

7 Common Not To Dos' Of Wearing Bras

#1 Going For a Bra That Fits You on The Tightest Hook

When shopping for a bra, women like to go for bras that fit them on the tightest hook. This sounds like a sound strategy as it ensures that you buy a bra that fits you well. However, this is a pretty big mistake. A bra will stretch over time as you wear it and wash it. When this happens, your bra will gradually become looser on the tightest hook. You want to go for a bra that is tight on the second last hook. This will ensure that when your bra begins stretching out, you can switch to a tighter hook and continue wearing it comfortably. Avoiding this mistake will let you get more use out of a bra and will ensure that you get the perfect support.

#2 Forgetting to Check Your Fitting Every Now And Then

Many women do not really pay much heed to checking their fitting. We like to believe that one fitting in a year is more than enough to figure out what sort of bra will suit us best. The thing is, our bodies change constantly. Also, every brand has its own shape and size. Ideally, you should check for fitting every time you’re about to buy from a new brand. If that is not possible, then make sure to check you fit at least after every 6 months. This way, when you go out to buy a bra, or order it online, you can pick your size with greater confidence.

#3 Your Breasts Start Bulging Out From The Top of Your Bra

If this happens often with you, then you really need to recheck your bra size. A bra that digs into your breasts is simply too small for you. This can make life very uncomfortable for you. It can also be bad for your breast tissue.

#4 Your Bra Band Does Not Stay in Place

A lot of us do not pay much heed to the bra band since we like to believe that the bra band is a secondary feature of a bra. In reality, the bra band is perhaps the most important feature of a bra since it is responsible for providing 80% of the overall support. A bra band should stay in place when you wear it. If it tends to wiggle about or move up and down, it is a clear sign that your bra is too big for you. A bra that is too big will not be able to provide you with adequate support.

#5 Improper Underwire Placement

The underwire is a pretty important part of a bra. It does a lot of work, provided that it sits in the proper position. A bra’s underwire needs to sit right next to your chest under your breasts. If your underwire is digging into your breasts or simply moving about then that’s a clear indicator that something is wrong. If the underwire digs into your breasts, this can be an indicator that your bra’s cup size is too small. If an underwire feels loose, then this can be a sign that your bra is too loose for you.

A loose underwire can be bad for you since it can dig into your breasts and damage them.

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#6 Forgetting to Adjust Your Bra Straps

It is surprising how many of us simply forget to adjust our bra straps. The straps of a bra come with adjustment buckles that let you make small adjustments on the fly. Adjusting your straps can make a huge difference in terms of comfort and support. The next time you wear that rather uncomfortable bra that you don’t like at all, try twiddling with its straps after putting it on. You may notice a significant difference in the overall feel of that bra. You can read more about how to properly alter your bra’s straps at Bra-Di-Da.

#7 You Like to Hold Onto Old Bras

An old bra can feel really comfortable since its fabric becomes all soft and loose. However, one should not keep a bra around for more than 6 months. This is due to the fact that bras have effective lifespans. Once their lifespan is completed, they begin losing their ability to provide adequate support to your chest.

These are some of the top bra mistakes that many of us make. After going through this article, you might be able to make better use of your bras from now on.

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