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7 Best 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

The 1st birthday of a child is always very special not only for the parents but also the friends and family. So here are some different and distinct 1st birthday gift ideas for them.

7 Best 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Recommended 1st Birthday Gifts

1. Sparkling little bracelets 

What would be best present than to gift them with a shining little bracelet with their name imprinted on them? This would always be a reminder of those precious moments on their 1st birthday.

After they grow up and these bracelets may not fit them, but the memories of their 1st birthday would always be fresh and cherished through the bracelet whenever they come across them. They snugly fit in the tiny and cute hands of the little ones. This is a personalized gift that you can retain for memories even when the child grows up.

A cute and a personalized gift for boys and girls, these matching pair of bracelets are the perfect gift. They are made in metal but are hypoallergenic and look good on any clothes. Toddlers can wear them all the time and look chic and stylish wearing these bracelets.

2. The cute little soft boots

Once the child is 1 year old everything changes, and that is the time when he or she is slowly understanding the world around them while walking through their baby steps. So the best gift for them would be a pair of soft boots.

These boots would not only give comfort to their soft little legs but would also add some style in their walk. The pair of the UGG boots are a pleasure for sure, with no laces to be tied, the parents have no worry at all.

These boots would be keeping the baby feet warm and comfortable in any season and especially when they are in a cold room or in cold weather these boots are the perfect solution for the time. Soft boots for the toddler girls and boys. They look sweet and stylish prancing around in these uggs. A nice pair of shoes that the little ones will love wearing most of the time. This is a thoughtful and a wonderful gift for toddlers who are one year of age. They can play, walk, jump, and do all kinds of physical activities wearing these shoes without letting their tiny feet get hurt.

3. A small soft seater 

Toys on the first birthday are always in abundance but if you are really wanting to gift the child something different and useful then the soft seater would be your take.

It comes in different shapes and sizes but the best would be to get a rectangular one and also you can get it customized for the child with their name imprinted on the seater. These soft seaters keeps the child safe and comfortable, while relaxing.

They are built in a way so that the parents would not be bothered about the safety of the child, as these seaters are well balanced from all sides. Whatever shape they come in it is the ultimate solution for the child’s comfort. Let your toddlers enjoy their own personalized space and a seat and feel like a king. A treat for their crib and room is this soft seater on which they can play, eat, and have a fun time.

4. Stylish eating utensils

Food is an essential part of the growth of a child and when eating can become fun and colorful growing is full of life and happiness.

Go for the colorful eating plates in different shapes and sizes. Few are even found in shapes of smileys and these can be a real fun for the 1 year old child, as that the age they are slowly learning about shapes, colors and sizes.

Let your toddlers eat in style in these utensils which have motifs and structures that are fun for kids to eat in them. Kids learn to stop being fussy about eating their food and develop healthy eating habits. An interesting way to let toddlers develop healthy habits is through these cute and thoughtful gifts for the little ones that come in bright colors.

5. The lovely photo frame

Photographs are known to be the best memories of the little one you can have, so on this 1st birthday get a lovely 1st year photo frame to keep those memories intact. Memories is what you will cherish as your child keeps growing. This is a wonderful gifts for the toddler as well as the parents to cherish the memories and every cute and funny moments of the child as they grow.

You can have a series of photographs of the little one from the time they were born till their 1st birthday and put it in their room. It would be a reminder for them too about their growing years and also the fun memories they had.

6. A customized growth chart

Another essential aspect in the child’s growth is the growth chart which helps in evaluating the height growth of the kid. So on the 1st birthday you can gift a customized growth chart which would be useful for the parents and fun for the kids.

There are many different types of growth charts available which have fun pictures on them, you can even customize it with putting the favorite animals or colors of the kid, or even with the name of the kid. This chart would not only be helpful but would also be a beautiful memory of their childhood when they grow.

7. Playful wooden blocks

The growing years of a child becomes more fun and full of learning with the knowledge of colors and shapes they see around. So the best gift for a 1 year old would be the lovely wooden blocks.

These not only are helpful for the child to play but also to learn the new shapes and colors of living beings around them. Children are always amazed with new explorations, and the 1st year is their own time to explore more and more through touching the things in the surroundings, so these playful blocks would be their best pal.

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