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6 Low-Key Summer Party Ideas For The Coolest Summer Bash Ever

Summer is here in the US, which means that it is time to pull your patio furniture out of the garage, rub the dust off the picnic table, and fire up your grill. Summer is not only about soaking up the sun outdoors but also creating fun memories with your family and friends and enjoying a fantastic celebration. Similarly, summer parties are all about tasty food, good friends, outdoor games. Visit and book Party Crashers Utah Live Band now to fill your summer bash with melodious music.

The best thing about summer is the summer parties that we get to attend. Summer bashes are really fun, and they are not that hard to plan because all you need is an outdoor setting, a terrace, your backyard or your rooftop, with some drinks and you are good to go. So what to do to make your summer bash the coolest ever? We might have some ideas that are not that difficult and are pretty cool as well. You just have to make your party comfortable, beautiful and fresh. Fill up your party with creative ideas that everyone can enjoy. From creative drinks to cool decoration ideas, the following low-key summer party ideas will make the party worth remembering.

6 Low Key Summer Party Ideas For The Coolest Summer Bash Ever

  1. Light Up

If you are outside while it is getting dark, you just need to have some ambient lighting that yells summer. You can hang the strings of lights on the fences as well as the deck or at the branches of the tree around. Wrap the strings of lights around the tree trunks, and it will give a very magical look. It would be great to get the tealights as well. Or simple get those elegant round bulbs, they would give off a warm glow that looks beautiful. These are what you are always seeing strung at backyard summer parties on the television when in reality it is pretty simple to pull off. If you want to go with the cords through your yard, snip the old wire hangers using a wire cutter and then bend them into U-shaped pegs so that they look like croquet wickets, but make sure they are no more than an inch wide. Arc the wires over the cords afterward and when you are done, simply hammer them into the party ground.

Kids Pinata

  1. Piñata!

Raining candy never goes out of style! You really need one party decoration because it is colorful and it is interactive. Having a piñata at your party that matches the theme will add to the beauty and will serve as a party activity. When planning your piñata design, keep in mind the age range of your party guests and how the activity will be played. Buy a big colorful piñata that will fit the mood of the fiesta. A piñata shaped like an ice-cream cone would really go with the weather. Who wouldn’t love to beat an ice-cream cone and receive mini gifts from it? Fill it up with candies or dollar-store items in one color because monochromatic always looks chic. Buy things that people can wear, for example, sunglasses, charms, and necklaces. It will make fun photographs as well. You can also add other festive things like lottery tickets and mini water pistols, which would be a great idea if you are having a pool party. Have fun soaking each other up and everyone will end up having a crazy time.

  1. Drink With Fashion

Summer parties can also be exhausting because of the heat, which is why it is essential to keep your drinking stock filed up because in summertime parties, running low on cold beverages is just not an option. But this also does not mean that the host should play bartender all day long! After all, you also need to have a taste of your party. You can keep the guests hydrated by filling colorful enamel bins with lots and lots of ice and assorted bottled drinks. Keep check periodically when a refill is needed. If you want to set the drinks in individual glasses, what is better than turning the tropical fruits into cocktail glasses? This fun idea will never get old! Whether it is a pineapple skin or a watermelon rind, no one can resist it, and it will make drinking that much fun. You can also make fruity ice cubes as a summer treat that is both tasty and refreshing. You merely need to fill an ice cube tray with water and then drop in raspberries and of lime, lemon, and orange. Once it is frozen, the infused cubes will be perfect for adding flavor and chilling a glass of water or fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Food and drink outside

  1. Beat The Heat

It is crucial that everyone survives the sweltering heat when you are at any summer party. Apart from providing chilled drinks, you can set up some handheld fans on a separate table. Classic accordion fans or natural raffia fans look very pretty when placed in big baskets. Purchase a few washcloths from the nearest dollar store, roll them up, secure them using a rubber band, and toss them into a cooler of ice water for your guests. This should help your guests keep their cool!

  1. Happiness In A Bowl

Life is a bowl of cherries, especially during summer. If you want to make it fancier, you can place card templates by downloading and printing them. Handwrite your guests’ names on every flag and use tape to wrap these cards around wooden skewers. Stick them upright in a bowl of fresh cherries and then place them at each table setting. Guests will love to locate their seat to discover a bowl of fresh fruit for them.

  1. Movie Night

When the sun goes a bit too intense, you can invite friends for a fun movie night. Choose a summer flick that everyone can enjoy, you can attach a projector to your personal computer or laptop and display the film on an empty wall. Movie buffs of all ages will love to have a laid-back evening under the stars.

We hope that these summer party ideas will give you some inspiration and you will be able to arrange an enjoyable summer bash. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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