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5 Things Parents Can & Can’t Control

If you are a parent, you know that there is no one more important in your life than your child. So naturally, you want what’s best for them and will do anything to ensure they have the opportunities they need to succeed in this world. But as parents, we can’t control everything. We can’t guarantee our children will be happy or healthy or successful- not completely anyway. The truth is that sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan them to. So let’s talk about five things parents CAN’T control.

5 Things Parents Can and Can't Control

Why Do We Fight With Our Child for Control?

Parents can’t control their child’s happiness. It is natural for parents to want what’s best for their children, and it is normal to try and steer them in the right direction. But we need to realize that our kids are individuals with their personalities, interests, skills, and ideas- not just extensions of ourselves who will naturally do whatever we tell them. If we push too hard or take over every aspect of our child’s life, then they won’t learn how to deal with problems on their own later when things don’t go as planned, which leads us to another thing parents can’t control: success.

The worry about your child being successful comes from a good place, but you cannot guarantee that everything they do will result in some kind of reward or positive outcome. You shouldn’t try to control their future or destiny because you can’t be sure where your child will end up, and that’s okay. If you try to force them, you will get a group of out-of-control teens. We all have our own paths in this lifetime, some of which are better suited for us than others. And the only thing we really need to focus on is making sure they know how much we love them no matter what happens.

It might sound like a nice idea, but parents aren’t responsible for teaching kids about life lessons. Life isn’t something that comes with an easy manual; it’s not always black & white when it comes to right vs wrong choices (or consequences). Sure there are times when certain things go together while other situations require different courses of action, but each case has its own set of circumstances, and we can’t assume that our child will know what to do without proper guidance.

So the next time you feel yourself starting to lose it or get frustrated with your child, take a step back and try to put things in perspective before getting upset. Every parent makes mistakes (we’re only human after all), but as long as we keep learning from those experiences, then hopefully one day we’ll find ourselves on top.

Giving Up the Need to Control Doesn’t Mean You’re Giving In

Parents can’t control how their child feels. Emotions are funny because they’re often totally out of our hands, and we have very little say in the matter. You might be able to teach your kid about emotions or help them deal with feelings, but you cannot directly change what’s going on inside of another person’s head- it just doesn’t work that way.

At some point, parents need to realize when enough is enough (or at least try). So take a look at 5 points that you need to be concerned about your child.

You Can Set Expectations

Parents can’t control what the future holds. Everyone has their own path in life, and some of us are more inclined to be successful than others, but there is no possible way for you (or anyone else) to predict your child’s entire destiny. So instead of trying to plan every single aspect of your child’s future, why not focus on helping them find themselves?

Kids need time alone- they should have room to grow into who they were meant to become without any pressure from family members or friends because it’s impossible for someone else to know exactly what kind of person your kid will turn out like when he/she grows up. It doesn’t mean we don’t have a say in how our child’s life goes, but we also need to know when it is time to let go and trust that they will do great things one day.

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Parents Can Set Boundaries

It’s impossible for parents to control what their kids learn from mistakes. We’re all human beings who make errors every now and again, so the only thing you can really do is teach your kid about consequences (but not necessarily which ones are right or wrong because there isn’t always an obvious answer). If anything bad happens, then take this as an opportunity to explain why certain actions lead down certain paths – even if those explanations seem simple on paper!

You Cannot Control Your Child’s Success

Parents cannot control how someone else sees their child. Sure we can teach our kids how to be socially acceptable and follow the rules, but what happens when they step outside of those boundaries? We might not like it or understand why someone would come to such a drastic decision, but there is nothing you can do about other people’s opinions because everyone has the freedom to think whatever they want (even if that opinion isn’t always accurate).

You Can Help Them Meet Expectations

No one person can read another individual’s mind or touch a soul, so it can be hard to know exactly how someone else feels about us- especially if they’re keeping those emotions hidden from the world! But as long as you feel confident about your parenting skills, that should be all that matters because there isn’t any way for anyone to measure your proficiency without being on the receiving end yourself.

Giving up doesn’t mean giving in, but letting go will allow your kid to flourish and become everything he/she was meant to become (even though we have no idea where life may take them). So trust children even when things get tough and push them to take on challenges because it’s all a part of the experience- even when things don’t work out.

You Can’t Control Your Child’s Behavior

You cannot control other people’s opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and feelings, so you can’t make someone else see the world your way (or even change how they think about things). So instead of taking it personally, try practicing acceptance because no matter what anyone says or does, there will always be another side to explore.


The most important takeaway from this article is that you can’t control your children. You have to let them be themselves and work through hard things on their own. The best thing a parent can do for their child is love unconditionally and give them the tools they need to succeed when they’re out of your care. This includes providing emotional support as well as financial resources, so they grow up feeling secure enough in who they are to face any challenge life throws at them with confidence.


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  1. I think letting go as parents isn’t easy. But I think we resort to controlling because we will know how to respond to people’s judgment and our children. And controlling helps me deal with insecurities I have on my parenting easier. So slowly I am getting there.

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