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5 Reasons Why Silicone Wedding Rings Are Getting Popular

Imagine yourself preparing to cook for your partner after tying the knot and you have to remove your wedding ring to do it. Maybe your job is a risky one like firefighting or a military operation and since you are newlywed, you have to wear a ring. In the first case, it’s really uncomfortable and inconveniencing to always take out your ring before preparing food. As for the second case, you wouldn’t want to lose your expensive metallic ring in the field. In both cases, you need a practical alternative. Apparently, nothing comes close to a perfect solution than silicone rings. So many couples are going for these designs.

They are quite popular and here are 5 reasons why:

5 Reasons Why Silicone Wedding Rings Are Becoming Popular

  1. Comfort and Safety

Silicone wedding rings are usually built for the active lifestyle. They are suitable for adventurous individuals like surfers, skiers, cyclists, race drivers, and swimmers. They are also suitable for active professionals like firefighters, weightlifters, and chefs. Unlike metal rings which are known to cause swelling, these rings are very comfortable to wear and to deglove. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and lightweight to guarantee the utmost comfort when wearing. Additionally, there are medical grade options that are designed for health professionals such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, and laboratory technicians. Such options do not result in inflammation. They are also ideal for pregnant and diabetic individuals.

  1. Versatility

You can wear a silicone ring to the office, to church or to the gym without feeling out of place. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing formal attire, a sportswear or a casual wear. You’ll always look great with a silicone wedding ring. The other thing is that they are great for both sexes. As a couple, both of you can wear the same ring design and appear just fine.

  1. Affordability

This is where it makes sense for a budget-conscious couple. While the traditional metal ring will cost a few thousand dollars, you only spend $20-$50 on a fair silicone ring. Such prices are really affordable, more so to someone on a budget. There are even others that you can buy for as low as $7. Moreover, you can buy most of them using promo codes. To get coupon codes for today’s most popular silicon rings, you should visit coupon sites to identify your ideal offer. It doesn’t mean that you should not buy metallic rings but you can use the silicone designs in situations where you can’t wear or you feel uncomfortable wearing your costly gold or silver ring.

  1. Attractiveness

When shopping for a wedding accessory, the next important thing after the price is the appearance. You want your ring to stand out regardless of its value. Most silicone rings come in amazing colors and patterns to enhance your physical look. There are also other with metal influences for individuals who generally love metallic jewelry. You’ll always feel comfortable and well-styled when wearing a colorful silicone wedding ring.

  1. Simplicity and Modesty

Lastly, silicone rings come in simple designs despite being available in a wide range of colorful options. For couples who like to keep it modest, they are a great pick. Unlike silver and gold rings which look flashy in nature, you don’t paint this image with silicone rings. It’s not easy to attract thieves when wearing a silicone ring. However, if you are wearing a metallic design, chances are higher that someone will want to take it from you either by force or through trickery.

It’s undeniable that silicone wedding rings are the newest trend in the wedding accessory market. They may not replace metallic designs completely but they offer a great alternative, especially for buyers on a budget. To get the above benefits and many others, consider buying a silicone wedding ring.


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