Navigating The ADA’s Guidelines For Support Animals

When it comes to registering a service animal, any animal can be certified as long as they meet the ADA’s guidelines on what constitutes a support animal. If the person in need already owns a pet that they would like to register, then all they will need to do is apply on an official website and possibly put their pet through some training. However, if the pet is already behaving, has a proper disposition, and can follow basic commands, then there should be no issues when it comes to registering the animal.

What’s an Emotional Support Dog?

An emotional support dog is a pet that provides comforting support to its owner. These types of dogs share a strong emotional bond with a disabled person and work to keep them comforted and calm in tragic situations. It’s not uncommon that a psychological disability may get the best of a person while they’re out. Having a support dog with them can help keep them in a stable state of mind since the dog worries about their owner and naturally comforts him or her during an episode. After time has passed, the owner will then be calm again and will be able to go about their day.

How Do Pets Qualify?

A pet qualifies to be an emotional support animal once they get an official registry. As long as a pet has reputable training and the ability to assist a disabled person with emotional support, they can be registered. All animals will qualify as long as they have an excellent temperament and can listen to their owner’s commands. It’s essential that an ESA knows basic commands such as sit, stay, quiet, and so on. This helps the registration process move along as this is one step closer for them to become an ESA.

What’s The Registration Process?

The whole process takes only a few minutes to complete. First, a person will be prompted with a registration form to fill out and provide information about their pet. Secondly, they must provide a diagnosis and information relating to their disability. Thirdly, they will be asked to attach a picture of their dog, and then they submit the form. The process will take a few days, but it will typically be approved within a week. Sometimes an applicant may be contacted because further information is needed or to verify specific facts.

The Support Animal Kit

Once an animal has been qualified, they will receive a registration kit. This kit will include multiple types of identification, certificates, and papers. Each of these will show others that the dog is an official ESA and that they can’t be denied access to any building or venue.

The support kit also includes a harness, collar, and ID card. These items must always be on the dog when they’re walking with their owner. All of these give indicators to people around them and will help notify businesses that the dog is a support animal. Any business that still is skeptical can look at the dog’s ID card, as this will provide them with official verification.

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