5 Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Can Improve Your Health

The world is on the verge of a new wave of industrial revolution. Many experts predict that this may stem from the technological revolutions like Artificial Intelligence. Many gadgets once talked in science fictions and movies have now transcended into our lives. One can say that the technology has now started to keep up pace with our fantasies.

Modern transhumanists are working to get rid of the human limitations like our finite memory, vision and physical disabilities using AI-powered gadgets like cyborgs. Nevertheless, AI powered gadgets have brought a tremendous revolution in healthcare and here are 5 AI technologies that can improve your health.

5 Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Can Improve Your Health

  1. Health Tracker

You must have heard of smart watches. Many companies like FitBit, Apple and Phillips manufacture products, mostly watches that help monitor your heart rate, respiratory functioning, fatigue level and even your sleep routine. It updates the user about any abnormal health condition so it could be taken care of prior to any severe health problem.

  1. Smart Bionics

Gone are the days when prosthetics were meant to support amputees and help them do day-to-day chores. With fast development in bendable electronics, the trend is shifting towards building exoskeletons and prosthetics that can restore your sensation of feeling while you touch an object. Biomedical researchers from Newcastle University have recently developed a prosthetic with an AI-powered camera.

The prosthetic has been trained using deep learning technology to recognize over 500 objects. The prosthetic can click the image of the object and reorient itself to a unique ‘grasp’ style. For example, while moving your hand towards a pen, AI powered camera clicks the photo of the object and the prosthetic adjusts itself to the ‘pinch and grab’ style. But is normality the end of bionics research? At, you will find latest developments in bionics that aim to expand the human capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Virtual Check-up

Well most of us are not a fan of hospitals or doctors. Who likes a depressing place like a hospital where we get the news of the death of our dear ones or about our ailments? But thanks to the interference of artificial intelligence in the medical field because of which you don’t have to visit the hospitals more often. You can engage yourself in a conversation seeking advice and minor treatments from the doctors without actually leaving the comfort of your bed.

Moreover, we can seek help from experts regarding your health without travelling too far to see them. In many cases in the absence of an expert, the hospitals may treat or operate a patient with the guidance from specialists connected through AI, monitoring the condition of the patient.

  1. Medical Imaging

We all are aware of various medical imaging techniques like CT scan. Well, machine learning algorithms have made medical imaging quite simpler and more precise. The human drawbacks are corrected by using artificial intelligence and a more detailed and precise image is produced which helps in accurate diagnosis of ailments or abnormalities. A company named Zebra Medical Vision has developed a platform that uses computing and algorithms to analyze the medical imaging reports because of which the patient’s health condition is monitored more precisely.

Medical Testing

  1. Drug Development

The process of drug development is quite expensive and time-consuming. It takes years of research and clinical testing before assuring the safety of the medicine and dispatching it to the market. But the intervention of AI in medical science has made the process lot easier and less time consuming. The AI fueled supercomputers can analyze the molecular structure of the drugs and approve it for human consumption. Recently, this technology has helped in the development of two drugs that can fight the deadly Ebola virus.

Clearly, AI is reinventing the world we live in. Its positive impacts will keep on improving our lives.

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    Great article!

    Technology has evolved and so many options are available today that have not been around in earlier years when our parents and grandparents grew up.

    Reading this article reminded me of some of the movies I’ve seen about artificial intelligence. One might think that it is just science fiction, but scientists and experts really have managed to create technology and gadgets to improve our daily lives.

    I feel a bit uneducated when I read some of the “big words” in this article. 😀

    The truth of the matter is that we live in a world where technology and artificial gadgets really are making a difference in the medical field.

    I would love to stay in bed and make use of the virtual check-up. No need to get up and get dressed to go see a doctor.

    Drug development is such a time-consuming and extensive study. And we have so many drugs and medicines on the market today. I don’t think people always appreciate the work that went into developing and testing these medications. I am impressed with the vast amount of generic medicines that are available to us today. I make a point in asking our pharmacist or doctor to prescribe or supply me with the generic version of most medicines. They work just as good but are much more affordable.

    All the above mentioned technologies are great and I am looking forward to seeing what the future might bring us.

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