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Six Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is a tasty salt that is full of 84 minerals and elements, such as copper, iron, and magnesium. This is considered to be very healthy for the body as it is the cleanest salt found on the earth. It can be used in a variety of ways, and the pink Himalayan salt benefits are incredible.

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Six Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

What is pink Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is a versatile salt that can be used for cooking and for health. Many individuals like using this salt to make scrubs, bath soaks, and other beauty treatments. This salt is found in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is believed that pink Himalayan salt dates back to over 4 billion years ago, composed from the original primal sea.

One may wonder why the body needs salt when everyone is against salt these days. It is true that table salt can cause high blood pressure, but the truth is, we actually need sodium. This vital mineral helps muscles contract and relax and prevent low blood pressure. Sodium will also send nervous system impulses through the body and help to prevent dehydration.

What are the benefits of pink Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan salt benefits are great for the body. We have always been told that salt is bad for the body, but in truth, pink Himalayan salt has so many benefits.

Pink Himalayan salt benefits include:

  • It balances the body’s PH- Since this salt has a very rich mineral content, it can help balance the body’s PH. When your body is set to the proper PH, your body can digest foods better. Urine PH should be around 6.5 while saliva PH should be between 6.5 and 7.5. PH testing strips can be used. If the PH is on the acidic side, you can make Sole from Pink Himalayan salt (recipe below) and consume this to help bring PH to more alkaline state. Pink Himalayan salt can also help with immunity.

  • One Pink Himalayan salt benefit is it helps individuals sleep better. Salt is a natural sleep aid. Since this salt contains magnesium, the muscles can relax and the cortisol levels in the body will drop. One simple recipe for sleep is to mix one teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt with five teaspoons of honey. Place a small amount under the tongue, allowing it to dissolve. Soon after this mixture is taken, sleep will follow.
  • Pink Himalayan salt can be used for salt therapy. Ages ago, people used to visit the salt mines in Europe to breathe in the salty air. Now rooms are being pumped full of air that is filled with salt in order to reap the benefits. Salt therapy can reduce seasonal allergies by cleansing the sinuses, improve skin conditions like eczema, reduce asthma or the need to use an inhaler, improve lung function in those that suffer from cystic fibrosis, improve the lungs of smokers, help with coughs and congestion, and improve snoring.

  • This amazing salt can help to detox the body. It can be added to bath water in order to rejuvenate the body. One to two pounds of pink Himalayan salt should be dissolved in warm water. Soak for up to 20 minutes. The body will begin to feel totally relaxed. If the muscles
    are sore, this is an excellent way to make them feel their best.
  • Pink Himalayan salt is better for the body then regular table salt. It can be enjoyed by anyone unless you have kidney disease. If this is the case, it is best to talk to your health care provider. Pink Himalayan salt helps to encourage a healthy metabolism, supports the adrenal and thyroid function, and aids in hormonal balance for both men and women.
  • Pink Himalayan salt can be consumed as a Sole. A sole is a brine water solution that helps the body with electrolytes. This will help regulate hydration in the body. One does not need to be worried about the levels of sodium in Sole. The American Heart Association states no more than 2,300 mg of sodium (which is one teaspoon) should be allowed per day. Sole only has 478 mg of sodium per teaspoon.

Pink Himalayan Salt Ginder

Pink Himalayan Salt Sole Recipe

Sole is water that is saturated with Pink Himalayan Salt or other natural salts. Begin by filling a glass jar one fourth of the way full of Pink Himalayan salt. Add filtered water to the jar, leaving one inch at the top of the jar. Place the lid on the glass jar and shake gently. Allow the salt to dissolve overnight. If there is salt on the bottom of the jar the next day, the water has absorbed as much salt as it can and the
water is ready to use. If all the salt is dissolved, add more salt and repeat until there is salt on the bottom of the jar.

Each morning, you should mix one teaspoon of Sole with water and drink on a stomach that is empty. Store the mixture at room temperature and never stick any metal utensils in this.


Pink Himalayan salt benefits the body in many ways. It can be used every day for cooking, as it seasons foods and also preserves meats. It makes an excellent brine. The results from soaking in pink Himalayan salt are tremendous. Pink Himalayan salt is one staple that should be in everyone’s spice cupboard.

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