4 Ways We Keep Our Marriage Fun

Being married is not always easy, it is really important to keep things fun and interesting. Keeping the spark alive will help you to bond with your partner and it will make the tough times easier to get through. Kristina Kuzmic shares ways that she and her husband keep their marriage fun.

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  1. To keep the spark going it’s not easy with the kids around they demand a lots of time

  2. I think patners should also spend some quality time together,sometimes it happens that when two parties get married and have children,they give so much time to the children and forget about their love,so both parties must balance everything they do.

  3. Agree a new baby changes so much and needs alot of attention however im getting married soon so ill keep this video to watch when im married and to keep the spark between us even if we do try now also with our baby boy hubby working long hours mommy tired we make time extra effort.

  4. It’s really need a lots of effort my son is always there if he us hugging he also comes in and says me also or tells hubby live my mommy it’s my mommy

    • @vhutshiloali1 im sure its hard as your kids need alot of attention…my boy is 8 months but hubby is tired of working hard and long hours im tires of waking up during night for feeding so we also tires when we have time to have fun and have alone time but we make like home date nights when its our little boys sleeping time have fun and spend that quality time.

      • Luck you lisa make it counts

      • We do but we will still get to the stage where our son is bigger later at night awake so my turn is coming.

      • True lisa that’s why once in a month ago take him to my sisters place so that hubby and I can have some fun time alone.

  5. @lynne i have downloades amazon to order some bedroom fun goodies do you have like a refferance number when i order om the app to use for you to earn commission as i want to get a few things for hubby in a box for weddind day in november lets start our marriage off good LOL even better then we ever have.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh awesome, I hope you enjoy it, what an awesome idea for your wedding 🙂 If you click on my link and buy anything in that session then I will earn commission…. you can click on one of those ads, or you can click on this link: http://amzn.to/2rqCDpa

      Hopefully that will then take you to your Amazon app.

      • Thanks lynne ill check it out so of i take other goodies not on your post you then cant get commission. Ill check what else is available.

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