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How To Calm Down a Hyper Child

Hyperactivity is a relatively common condition in children. If your child is unable to sit still for long, or tends to get overexcited, then you need to get used to calm him/her down. Some hyperactive children may fidget a lot, whereas others may not be excessively uncontrollable.

Regardless of the level of hyperactivity your child is demonstrating, it is always important to seek help at the early stages so as to learn how to cope with him or her properly.

While there are lots of ways to help calm down your hyper child, at times medication to control hyperactivity may need to be prescribed, so always seek a pediatrician’s guidance in these matters, but before you do that try some of these natural ways to calm your child first.

How To Calm Down A Hyper Child

The following tips will help you learn how to soothe and calm down a hyper child.

  • It may be very helpful to create a small area in your house where your child will get used to calming down. This will be his or her special space or nook, and not a punishment corner. Fill it up with his/her favorite stuff as this will come in handy during panicky episodes. This is where you could go to in order to help him/her cope with the turmoil and anxiety he faces during such times.
  • Get used to playing calm music so as to soothe him/her.
  • Limit exposure to video games and television programmes as these may trigger hyperactivity.
  • Avoid bright colors and loud sounds.
  • Massages could comfort your child, and you may be surprised to note that hyperactive children actually respond well to demonstrations of affection. C
  • Aromatherapy has lots of benefits for children, including having a calming effect.

  • Always speak calmly and reassuringly to your child.
  • Try not to lose your temper no matter how difficult it may be at times.
  • Help your child burn off excessive energy by finding a sport or activities that he/she likes.
  • Take walks and be close to nature and animals.
  • Help him/her practice breathing techniques which will be helpful in calming down.
  • Consider taking him/her to kids’ yoga or tai chi lessons.
  • Stick to routines.
  • Encourage healthy sleeping patterns.

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  1. Reatlegile Leeuw

    wow thank you , this will really help me. my daughter she is so hyper i was even thinking of getting profesional help

  2. This techniques will be helpful my son is hyper so i will use those methods to calm him down,thank you☺️☺️

  3. Now this is something to know as my baby was so busy from birth till now arms and legs always going never stopped he might be hyper when he gets older not now his just busy now…but cant think that tv and video games or load noise and bright colour ect. can cause hyper great to know.

  4. Good to know and this tips is helpful but my son is not hyper person

  5. Elize Swanepoel

    Great tips!

    I’m not sure if my boy is hyper or not. He does have a lot of energy but I don’t think it is anything out of the ordinary.

    We have used some of the above mentioned tips and they do work.

    Sticking to a routine and encouraging healthy sleeping patterns really are great tips and has helped us a great deal since JD was a baby.

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