4 Ways To Boost Your Child’s Language Skills

One of the most exciting milestones of parenting is when your toddler begins to talk. Having a conversation with your child  is something parenting eagerly look forward to.

Your child will learn to speak and pick up language skills through daily activities and interactions with others. Here are some great ways to help your child along and boost his language skills.

4 Ways To Boost Your Child's Language Skills

Read To Your Toddler

Reading is a great bonding experience for you and your toddler. Along with being fun and entertaining, reading to your toddler will also help your toddler to develop language skills. He will learn new words and start understanding how everything is put together.

Looking at the pictures in the books can also help your child better understand the story and what all the words mean, as well as help your child’s imagination take off.

Encouraging a love for reading early on in your child’s life will help your child with reading, writing and plenty of other essentials skills.

Nursery Rhymes & Singing

Nursery rhymes and singing songs with your toddler is a fantastic way to enhance your child’s language skills. When my daughter was learning how to speak and could only put together a few words at a time she was able to sing a whole song and say nursery rhymes beautifully. It was amazing to watch and listen to her singing nursery rhymes.

She absolutely loved it and she loved it when I joined in too. When I downloaded songs and nursery rhymes to my tablet she would entertain herself for a long time. It fascinated me how she learned so many nursery rhymes all by herself using apps.

MypicturE Nursery Rhymes app on Google Play or Apple Store is a fantastic nursery rhymes app which personalizes the nursery rhymes with your child’s face. All you have to do is upload your child’s photo. The app was designed by mompreneur Natalia Faryna. She was inspired by her daughter to design and create the app.

This app, with your child set as the star of the show, is sure to entertain and fascinate your child with its unique features and selection of beloved nursery rhymes.

While I am not a huge fan of screen time for kids I am a big fan of letting my children use apps for educational purposes and nursery rhymes are most definitely that.

Talk To Your Toddler

Talk to your child and say what you are doing so that he can associate your words with what you are doing.

Pay attention to the things that your child is interested in and include those things when you talk to your child.

Listening comprehension comes long before reading comprehension or being able to sound out words. When your child does start saying words and talking don’t correct him. Rather repeat what your child has said giving the correct pronunciation. This will give your child positive affirmation and give your child the chance to practice and get it right.

If you child is babbling repeat the babbling back to your toddler.

Ask your child questions and wait for an answer to try and initiate a two way conversation.

Tell Stories

Make up stories to tell your toddler. Stories with colourful characters, great adventures and happy endings will keep your child interested. You can even add your child into the stories for extra fun.

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  1. Great article. .. I’ve been reading and singing to my grandson constantly and we’ve experienced they way he started to talk to us, and even singing back…. ♡

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