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4 Tips On How To Make Sure That Your Child Will Be Brilliant

In this era where technology has become a common word, raising children can be a taxing task. This does not mean that technology is bad but that the way it is used can determine how our children turn out. Brilliant children are not always born but often raised. It is possible to develop and raise brilliant children even though they were not born geniuses. Parents can do this by the basic application of tested and approved parenting measures or by use of technology.

Experts at Write Zillas have explored ways in which technology has boosted the education sector. The following are tips that will help you to raise a brilliant child:

4 Tips on how to make sure your child will be brilliant

  1. Get Smart Apps

The older generation would probably not see anything positive in technology especially due to the many cases of addiction to the same. However, there are a lot of useful applications available in gadgets that your children can benefit from. For instance, smart applications that help your children to sharpen their reading and writing skills. There are also educative games like block building that jog their brains to boost their thinking. Most of these learning tools can simply be downloaded and saved in the gadgets.

  1. Limit Screen Time

Children love their time on the screen as they watch their favorite programs. This is not necessarily a bad thing but should be done in moderation and with set guidelines. Let your children have specific times to do their school work, chores, and play. Set also a specific time where they can relax and enjoy the screen. This will help them to develop in all aspects of their lives without turning into couch potatoes and screen addicts. Let them know that everything is good if only it is done in moderation.

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  1. Developing Cognitive Skills

Children’s brains develop at a very high rate hence the need for taming and proper channeling of their power. As your child grows, they will need to develop their communication skills and their ability to sole matters on their own. Even though this can happen naturally, the use of technology will help them to develop their cognitive skills faster and have a stronger foundation in life. You could do this by allowing them to explore the internet space but under your guidance and control.

  1. Encourage Reading

Books are an integral part of growth for any child since they contain a versed wealth of knowledge. Get as many books as possible for your child and encourage them to read. The internet has made it possible to access a variety of E-books for free or at a small fee. You can download these books on your child’s smart gadgets and guide them on how to read as you can test their understanding

Final Comments

The brilliance of every child mainly depends on the kind of support they receive as they grow and not necessarily their inborn abilities. According to Writing jobz, the above tips will help be of help as you embark to the journey to raise a brilliant child.


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  1. Cheron Hercules

    I read to my daughters all the time. We have so much story books. I am lucky to live near a store who sells second hand children books

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