4 Easy and Fun Activities to Try with Your Kids

It can be a struggle to find new things to do with your kids instead of just sitting down in front of the tv or playing on your electronic devices. If you need help cutting down on the screen time, then here are some really fun activities that you can start doing today with your kids.

4 Easy and Fun Activities to Try With Your Kids

Pick Up Woodworking

Building things with your kids is a great way for families to teach the value of making things versus just going out and buying them.

You don’t have to be great with power tools and building to start a woodworking activity with your kids. There are a bunch of great DIY projects for children, ranging from easy to more advanced that you can start doing today.

You can make simple projects like a wooden crayon holder for the kids to use or a fun birdhouse to put outside. As you get into building together you will be able to create more things for the kids to use and functional items for your home.

While you are in the workshop, take the time to teach your kids about each tool and how it can be helpful and harmful. Set rules of no running and let them know how important it is that they are careful with the tools while in use.

Teaching your kids the value of making something will help them not only realize that they can create things, but also give them a new value placed on items they made instead of just tossing a non valued toy in the corner.

Father and son woodwork

Learn to Play Soccer

There are so many great benefits that you and your family can reap from doing an outdoor sport like soccer. This is a perfect pick up and go game that you can play in your yard or out at the park, all you need to carry with you is a soccer ball and you are all set.

Playing soccer together as a family can help get everyone into a more active shape, improve your soccer skills and help you communicate better while you are passing the ball back and forth.

You can start just by kicking the soccer ball back and forth across the yard. Use this time to just talk to your kids about their day or share ideas. Next you can set up barriers around the yard to use as a soccer goal, such as fallen branches and twigs or outdoor toys.

Help your kids to understand that while they should play to the best of their ability, they should also learn how to work as a team to win. Switch up the teams and encourage your kids to learn to how to work together with you and each other as they try to score more points as a team.

Little girl planting

Plant a Garden

This is a great way to help evolve picky eaters. Make a plan in the spring time to garden with your kids. No matter how much room you do or do not have, you can have some type of plants.

If you are limited to no outdoor space, then start a small herb garden in your window seal or on a well lit table. If you have a small patio area then you can start a container garden that has tomatoes and peppers.

For families that have the yard space, create a decent sized garden with a few different beds.

Gardening with your kids will let them help pick what you want to try to grow. Some things may grow and bear fruit while others may not take. This is great because it will teach your kids that not everything will work out, and it’s ok. The important thing is that they are doing their best.

When your kids are involved with gardening it will also open up the door for them to start trying new foods. Make it a fun activity to make meals with the fresh vegetables that you grow together. Let them help decide what you can make.

The more involved your kids with growing fresh produce, then the more interested they will be with trying the end result.

Lemonade stand

Make a Lemonade Stand

This is a perfect activity for spring, summer and fall to teach your kids a variety of life skills while also having fun.


You can make a lemonade stand by building it yourself or take on the challenge of converting an old piece of furniture into a custom stand.

While the prep work and building can be a large task, you can turn it into a fun day of teaching your kids responsibility and respect around tools. Also allowing them to help will give your kids a sense of pride in the lemonade stand.


To make it easier you can use an instant lemonade pack to add to the water, or you can create your own secret family recipe. You can do this by mixing fresh squeezed lemon juice with water and then pick your sweetener. Find a fun small tweak that you can add to this recipe like substituting honey instead of sugar.

Lemonade doesn’t always have to be bland. Sweeten up your stand by making lemonade with fresh strawberries added.


Set a price that is low enough to be affordable, like 25 cents so that neighbors and kids passing by can easily afford it. You can also go a step further by encouraging others to pay it forward by adding an extra quarter to a box that will allow kids or adults who don’t have 25 cents to have a cup bought for them.

A lemonade stand is not just a way to pass the time in the summer, you will be teaching your kids about responsibility, creativity and a giving heart.

These activities, while being a great way to get up off the couch, are also rich in lessons that will help your kids as they grow. Just remember to exercise patience and make sure that you are all having a good time together.

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