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4 Benefits Of Cycling During Pregnancy

The importance of exercise during pregnancy cannot be stressed enough. If you are fit and exercise moderately regularly you should be able to continue at that level of exercise during your pregnancy.

This will of course also depend on the type of exercise that you do. High impact activities such horse riding, snow skiing, water skiing and other high risk sports will need to be discontinued while you are pregnant.

While many people may consider cycling to be a risk while pregnant there are in fact many amazing benefits associated with cycling during pregnancy. If you were an enthusiastic cyclist before falling pregnant there is no reason for you to stop cycling completely.

Your biggest risk of cycling while pregnant is having a fall or being knocked off your bicycle. Due to changes in your centre of balance while pregnant there may be more risk of you having a fall while cycling than before you were pregnant.

If you are pregnant and want to take up cycling for the first time, or if you are worried about falling when you are pregnant, a safer option is to use an electric indoor bike while pregnant.

Tips For Cycling While Pregnant

If you choose to cycle when you are pregnant that’s great – just take note that there are some things you need to keep in mind and accommodate for.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water during pregnancy is essential for a healthy pregnancy. If you are cycling, or exercising in any other way, you will need to drink plenty of water to prevent hydration.

Pay Attention To Your Body

Your body is going to go through many changes during pregnancy. Your hormones will be changing, you will get tired more easily and you may find you have many aches and pains along with other pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and heartburn.

Make sure to stay in tune with your body at all times and not push yourself as hard as you would were you not pregnant. It is perfectly fine to cycle more slowly, to take breaks and to cycle shorter distances.

Adjust Your Bike Settings

Your body is going to change and your centre of balance is going to change too. This means you may be needing to make adjustments to your bike to accommodate for these changes. You can adjust your seat and go for different handlebars. You may need to make a few changes as your pregnancy progresses.

Support and Comfort

Your belly is going to be growing, along with your breasts. Make sure to invest in a good quality sports bra to provide you with the support you need. Purchasing a belly band can give your growing belly extra support while cycling.

Watch Your Temperature

Your body temperature will be much higher during pregnancy, so make sure not to stop cycling if you start feeling too warm and not push yourself too much. Keep in mind the time of day that you cycle and avoid exercising outdoors when it is hot. In summer months rather opt for early morning or late afternoon cycles rather than the hottest time of the day.

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The Benefits Of Cycling During Pregnancy

Cycling is a brilliant form of exercise that offers many benefits for everyone, including women that are pregnant. It is important to note that many unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as backache, pelvic pain, swelling, nausea and fatigue can be reduced through regular exercise.

Cycling Can Be Easier Than Walking

Walking can be very tiring during pregnancy and you may feel aches and pains while walking. Cycling can be less tiring and it can also provide a more pain free way of moving around.

Low Impact Exercise

Cycling is a low impact exercise which is just what you need during pregnancy. If you normally took part in high impact exercises before falling pregnant you will want to look at a low impact exercise to replace it with such as cycling or swimming. It will be easier on your body and you will have less chance of straining your body.

Cycling Reduces The Risk of Gestational Diabetes

One study in China showed that obese women that start cycling early in pregnancy for a period of at least 30 minutes three times a week were lowered the risk of gestational diabetes.

Benefits To Mother and Child

Cycling is great for reducing stress which in turn lowers cortisol levels. It is also a great way to maintain healthy body weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Pregnant women that cycle regularly are less prone to suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety.


Cycling during pregnancy offers many great benefits and the risks are minimal, especially if you opt for an indoor exercise bike over cycling outdoors. Cycling is great for both your physical and mental well-being during pregnancy, as long as you take care to follow these guidelines which will ensure that you don’t have any problems arising.

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