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How to Use a Breast Pump | Breast Pumping Tips

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful feelings of the world. When you take on this responsibility, you need to be very careful because a life is totally dependent on you for everything. One of the biggest responsibilities you have as a new mother is to breastfeed your baby because mother’s milk works flawlessly to keep the baby healthy and happy.

If you are becoming a mother for the first time, then you should consult with a woman who has breastfed before or read guides that tell you about breastfeeding for beginners. You should also consider purchasing a manual or electric breast pump that allows you to pump breast milk and store it to ensure that your baby doesn’t have to be hungry when you are away.

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How To Use A Breast Pump - Breast Pumping Tips

How to Use a Breast Pump?

Using a breast pump is very easy and effective. You should start by finding a perfect product like single breast pump medela and reading the instruction manual. Then you need to go to a secluded place and think of your baby to trigger the hormones. Make sure that your hands and the pumping machine are clean before beginning. When you start pumping, it may take a few minutes before the milk flows, so you need to keep calm. Change breasts every five minutes or so and ensure that you pump each breast for at least 15 minutes. Store the milk in a clean container. Wash the pump and your hands before packing it safely away.

Breast Pumping Tips You Can’t Ignore

Now that you have learned how to use a breast pump, it’s time you know about some breast pumping tips from the experts that will make the breast pumping experience more relaxing and successful.

  • Time Matters

The first thing you need to remember is that if you and your baby are healthy, the little one is able to breastfeed directly and you are not going away from the baby, you might not need the breast pump at all. So, you can take your time to learn the process and that too even in case of an emergency. In contrast, if your baby is premature or has special needs and is unable to feed directly from your breast, you need to start learning breast pumping as soon as you can.

  • Be Patient

It is very likely that you won’t pump much milk in the first few sessions and during the first session, you may need to express for 10 to 15 minutes before the milk starts to flow. Many moms agree that pumping an hour after feeding gives the best results so you should find the time that works for you. Also, make sure that you pump regularly and at similar times to get the best results.

Content Mother and Baby

  • Remember Hygiene

The last thing you want while breast pumping is not to remember hygiene as it can make you and your baby ill. So, make sure that you clean your hands and the breast pump before and after the process and pay extra attention to pump parts that need to contact with your milk or the baby’s mouth. Also, make sure that you let the pump pieces dry completely before packing them in a clear container until you need them next.

  • Prepare in Advance

If you don’t want the breast pumping session to be uninterrupted, then you should make sure that you have everything you need close to you before beginning a session. Some women like to snack or watch TV when they are breast pumping and if you are one of them, adjust yourself accordingly.

If you have the habit of multitasking, you can also buy products like a breast pumping bra to ensure that your hands remain free to do other things while pumping the breasts. You also need to relax during the process for more effective results. Feel free to use methods like soothing music, breathing exercises and visualization techniques to ensure that you don’t stress during the process.

  • Make the Process Quicker

If you want to make the breast pumping process faster, you should massage your breasts beforehand or warm them before the pumping phase. You can also have skin to skin contact with your baby or think of your little one as it will help you get more milk. Some moms also like to breastfeed their baby on one breast while they pump the other.

  • The Process Shouldn’t Hurt

Last but certainly not the least, you should ensure that you are comfortable before, during and after the breast pumping process. Though some discomfort is expected if you are a first-time mother, you must not ignore things that hurt you like blisters or chafing. You should consult with a lactation consultant or a breastfeeding specialist for advice if and when needed to make the process pain-free.

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  1. I always wondered how this breast pump works. Learning awesome things on your website everyday.

  2. I’ve had four boys. Different experience with all if them. I’ve tried to express with each one and failed dismally. My baby is 4 months and takes no dummy or bottle at all. So I’m really beyond tired. The most I’ve expressed is 75ml. I’ve tried all the suggestions but just can’t seem to get more. I guess it’s not for everyone.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Shabnaan I also found expressing terribly hard and draining, on top of all the other things being a new mom it was usually too much for me. It took me so long and the results were always dismal. The best tip I ever got which did help me to express more was to express when looking at videos and pictures of my baby, it helped the letdown. Another thing that might help you, which also helped me a bit, is to express on one breast while baby feeds on the other, but this is really tricky to get right without disturbing baby and stay comfortable. I mostly only expressed to increase my breast milk supply when my babies went through a growth spurt so it wasn’t the milk I was after but the stimulation to increase my breast milk. I take my hat off to those that manage to express successfully.

  3. Cheron Hercules

    I struggled a lot using a breast pump. I borrowed my sisters breast pump when my youngest daughter was born 3 years ago I did not know how to use it and I gave the breast pump back to my sister.

  4. Thank you for sharing.
    I did not like a breast pump.

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