30 General Ways To Use A Wipe

Mickey Mouse is a global icon and a ‘true original’ with universal appeal that brings people from across the world together. As 2018 marks 90 years since his first appearance in Steamboat Willie on 18 November 1928, we’re celebrating the mouse that started it all with a global celebration!

As a mom, you know that babies’ skin is incredibly delicate which is why you need to take special care in choosing the best wipe to suit your little one.  Huggies® All Over Clean Mickey Baby Wipes have a new, soothing cucumber fragrance and a gentle formulation safe for bottoms, hands and faces.  To celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday, Huggies® fans have shared 90 general ways that they use baby wipes throughout the day!  We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites – can you think of any more? 

  1. Wipe bottoms
  2. Wipe hands
  3. Wipe faces
  4. Wipe umbilical cord
  5. Wipe laptop keyboard
  6. Use to remove make-up
  7. Wipe kid’s toys
  8. Use as hand sanitiser
  9. Clean leather
  10. Use to clean blinds
  11. Wipe a chair/seat
  12. Wipe toilet seat
  13. Wipe cell phone screens
  14. Wipe charging cords
  15. Wipe steering wheel
  16. Clean wounds
  17. Clean dirty nails
  18. Wipe dry surfaces
  19. Remove excess nail polish
  20. Clean artificial plants
  21. Remove mud from shoes
  22. Wipe gym equipment
  23. Clean chalk boards
  24. Clean any suede material
  25. Use when painting
  26. Clean animal ears
  27. Clean glass lamps
  28. Use as part of a first aid kit
  29. Remove sticky tape marks
  30. Use as a scent sheet in cupboards

Huggies wipes Mickey Mouse

Huggies® wipes are unique and unlike any other wipe in the market. They offer moms a great and gentle cleaning solution because Huggies® wipes are made from 65% natural fibres which form a unique cotton like material that is thick and soft to offer gentle, effective cleaning and super absorbency. They clean gently, locking away mess and quickly refreshing baby’s delicate skin. They also have great features such as a rigid lens which ensure the wipes retain their moisture and don’t dry out, as well as improved, one-hand dispensing, a new updated product folding process to ensure one wipe comes out at a time and larger pack formats delivering on your needs for bigger packs and better value!

Huggies® wipes offer mom a gentle but hard-working wipe. A happy change time equals a happy baby. Keep baby’s skin happy with the limited-edition of Huggies® Mickey wipes with soothing cucumber fragrance.

Huggies® – Your Hugs Inspire Ours.

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