Cool tech gadgets for women

3 Cool Tech Gadgets for Women

Some people relate technological gadgets to men, but in reality there are many women who are eager to use such gadgets just as much. In today’s world technology has taken up many aspects of life, and as a result we find a vast range of gadgets which can make our lives simpler, better or more fun. Here are three cool tech gadgets which will come in really handy particularly for women.

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3 Cool Tech Gadgets For Women

  • A handbag light – one thing women hate is rummaging through their handbag. Many use large handbags and tend to place next to everything inside them! So trying to find something in particular is often a bit difficult. But this problem can be easily resolved thanks to the handbag light. The Brainstream SOI Handbag Light comes with an automatic sensor. As soon as this senses motion, that is, the hand inside the handbag, it will light up automatically and remain on for 10 seconds. A very cool gadget, and undeniably super convenient for many women!

  • QBracelet – combining technology with jewelry is indeed a great idea, especially for a woman. With the QBracelet, you will be wearing a bangle, which might look quite normal. It is sleek and simple and will complement any outfit nicely. There is a choice of colors, including polished gold or silver, matte black, and matte silver. However, besides looking nice from the point of view of a piece of jewelry, the QBracelet also serves another purpose. It will also be giving your iPhone up to 50% charge. So, if you are running out of battery due to snapping countless selfies or calling and messaging non stop, the QBracelet will surely come in handy!

  • A smart suitcase – many women hate the fact that they need to carry heavy luggage or bags. So, having a chic and elegant suitcase is surely a great gift idea. It makes you look so smart and professional, and at the same time you would be carrying it around with wheels, so you will not have to lift anything. And to make this even better, the Raden A22 Carry is a suitcase with a difference. It has various features, including a proximity sensor, the ability to weigh itself, and it is also waterproof. And last but not least it can charge your phone four times over! Pretty cool! And since it is designed with women in mind there is a very nice selection of colors to choose from too.

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  1. I love this 🙂

  2. This 3 Gatgets are super cool i love this yes suitcase i hate to carry mine is so heavy packed its not nice carrying the suitcase…the handbag lighy is also cool we all need to see whats happening in our handbags like mine is big and full and the bracelet wow and then its not just for looking pretty and putting on jewels it benefit us when in need. Awesome thanks for sharing this.

  3. Sharing more gatgets like this will be appriciated interesting and never knew about the handbag light or the bracelet.

  4. Reatlegile Leeuw

    wow i like them

  5. Those are very cool staff i like the suitcase

  6. This is so great my handbag is always full of this and that so handbag light could come on my rescue

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