11 Cool Life Tips That Will Save You A Fortune

I really enjoyed this video showing how to recycle old clothes and towels around the house into useful things and stunning decor. These DIY tips are so simple and easy to follow. Make a dog bed out of an old jersey, make your cat a lovely cosy bed in just 2 minutes and make a great looking bath mat from old towels.

This is a great video by 5 Minute Crafts showing you how to save money and make some really unique things for your home.

I must say though that the thumbnail of this video was a disappointment though because I was thinking it was going to give an awesome way to save a cracked mobile with toothpaste… big time clickbait which is really annoying but if you move past that it is a great video!

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  1. These are so cool these tips is actaully great i have the yorkies and using the shirts collor for my dogs is so cute they will look awesome…and i have a pair of old jeans to cut and use for my gardening as those are the size of my gardening tools that was so cool when i saw it and ill be making them a bed out of the jersey for the patio area where they lay in sun and dont have to take their house bed out. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  2. I don’t have any pets but those tips are very useful to try on

  3. Wow what a great tips unfortunetly i lose my cat

  4. I love this!!!! That bath mat looks amazing, I’ll be finding old towels this weekend 🙂

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