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10 Tips For Making Money With Clixsense Online Surveys

Making money with online surveys can be loads of fun and the best part is that it is completely free to sign up and start earning with Clixsense online surveys. While it isn’t hard to make money from online surveys with Clixsense you may get disheartened or think that it may not work if you don’t understand how Clixsense works.

The first thing you need to know is that you won’t get rich doing online surveys – forget about all those ads you see online and doing the rounds on Facebook claiming you can make hundreds of dollars a day doing online surveys. This is NOT going to happen, and if it does happen it will take years and hard work to build up to making that amount.

I’ve personally made over $800 with Clixsense since I joined in 2015, although the truth is that I tried it in 2015 and thought it was not worth my time and decided to leave. I returned a few months later and only really started making an effort in 2016 to make money with Clixsense.

Here are the things that I have learned since joining Clixsense that will help you to make money using Clixsense:

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10 Tips For Making Money With Clixsense Online Survecys

It Takes Time To Make Money On Clixsense

Yes I have already emphasized that but it is really important to add this again. I noticed that when I first started I didn’t get a lot of surveys that were available to me, but as I spent more and more time on Clixsense I got more surveys to do. I believe that they have an algorithm that gives more surveys to older members that are more active and this makes sense – reward those that are regular and active members.

So give it some time even when it does not look promising.

Log On Every Day To Check For New Opportunties

Make it part of your morning routine to log into Clixsense and check to see what is available. I started doing this every morning after checking my emails while drinking my morning coffee. There is usually a survey for me to do every morning.

Unfortunately in the last year plus I have not had the time to check every morning to see if there are any surveys available but I still earn every single day on Clixsense – keep reading on to see how!

Be Quick When There Is A Survey Available

When there is a survey available be quick to complete it. This is really important because all surveys have a maximum quota so if you are not quick enough you will be booted out since they have enough completed surveys.

There are a lot of people on Clixsense – surveys fill up quickly, when you see one don’t waste your time, get it done immediately.

Clixaddon download

Download ClixAddon To Your Device

This is a biggie – if you only log onto Clixsense once a day you will miss all the new surveys that are available! The Clixaddon will notify you immediately when there is a new survey or opportunity available to complete. This will enable you to complete surveys tasks and offers  immediately and increase your chances of making it into the quota.

Fill Out Your Profile

The more information you give when you fill out your profile the more chance you have of getting surveys. Now while I have had a lot of people ask me why they ask so many questions if you think about it then it makes sense. For each survey there is a company behind it that is looking for information regarding their target market. They need to know that respondents are their target market.

For example a company selling diapers will want to know that the people filling out their survey has children, they will want to know the ages of those children to ensure that they are in the age group that still wears diapers and they will also want to know if you are the person that makes the decisions regarding the diaper purchases. They may also want to know what your household income.

Likewise if the company that is behind the survey is a pet food company they will want to know how many pets you have and what types to ensure that you are a purchaser of the type of pet food that they manufacture and sell.

Be Honest In Your Profile & Answers

Another question that many people have asked me is why they keep asking them the same questions. This is because many people attempt to trick the system to get more surveys and I will tell you right now that this won’t work because they continuously ask questions and check them against your previous answers.

If you are dishonest when asked questions you will start to get less surveys and opportunities and if you continue eventually your account will be blocked.

Each survey will have screening questions that you need to answer before you get to the actual survey. This is to ensure that the people that answer the survey at the right demographic that they are looking for. They won’t tell you what they are looking for – you may and may not get into the survey.

Make sure that your profile and your answer to every question is answered honestly.

Expect To Be Booted Out Of Surveys

Every opportunity has downsides and this is probably the biggest downside to taking online surveys. You will be booted out of some surveys and it can be very frustrating. Know that it can and will happen at some stage and be prepared to be disappointed.

There have been times where it felt like I couldn’t get to the end of any of the surveys I took and it is seriously annoying and then I would get a bunch of surveys that I managed to complete.

Cllixsense surveys offers tasks

Surveys, Tasks and Offers at Clixsense

There are surveys, tasks and offers available at Clixsense so there is more to Clixsense than taking surveys. The more you do at Clixsense the more chance you have of earning at Clixsense.

With the tasks you will start off with a very low rank and with not much available for you to do. When you complete tasks successfully at Clixsense your rank will start to increase and you will then start to get more tasks with higher payouts per task.

Clixsense referrals affiliate program

Promote Your Affiliate Link

You can also earn on Clixsense by sharing your unique affiliate link with others. You will earn commission for each survey, task and offer that your referrals complete on Clixsense.

This is also slow to start and even though you may get some referrals to Clixsense not every person will be active and earn. I started off sharing my affiliate link on Facebook and with some of my friends via Whatsapp to start and I started earning a little bit of affiliate income every now and then.

Over the last few years this income has built up and while I don’t earn a huge amount of affiliate income but I do earn every single day. Some days it may be $0.10, but other days I earn $5 or  more in one day.

Use Payoneer To Cash Out

Payoneer is an international payment processor that is available as one of the payment options for Clixsense. It is really quick and easy to st up and since this is the payment method that I use for Clixsense it is the one that I recommend.

You can sign up for free for Payoneer and then you send them proof of identity and connect your bank account. Once this has been set up you can choose Payoneer from your payment options in Clixsense. When you request a payment from Clixsense your money will be sent to your Payoneer account within 2 – 5 business days. You can cash out from Clixsense to Payoneer when you have a minimum of $10, however take note of the information below which will help you to save money when cashing out.

Keep in mind that $2 will be deducted from your payment when using Payoneer. Then you need to check with Payoneer what the minimum balance is that you need in order to cash out to your bank account. I am in South Africa and I need to have $50 in my Payoneer account to cash out to my bank account.

When I was using Payoneer only for my Clixsense payments I always waited until I had $52 so that after the $2 fee was deducted I still had $50 in my Payoneer account so I could cash out to my bank account. Now I am making use of Payoneer for payments from Amazon and Fiverr so I don’t have to worry about the minimum balance so much since I get regular payments into Payoneer.

Here’s a screenshot of my earnings taken today showing all the money I have earned from Clixsense.

Clixsense earnings to date

My Verdict For Making Money Using Clixsense

I love Clixsense and I really enjoy the extra income that comes in. While I don’t earn a fortune with Clixsense it is a regular income that is now mostly residual income from referrals.

If I do nothing on Clixsense and only earn from my referrals I now earn $30 – $50 in a month. If I do some surveys, tasks and offers I can earn up to about $80 – $100 in a month. This is not bad at all for a side income.

If you want to make a little extra income each month and start building up some residual income I recommend you sign up for Clixsense today!

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