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10 Amazing Gifts For Kids

Kids nowadays have huge expectations from their birthdays, and the nature of gifts that they are likely to get. Online shopping arenas help us to save time for exploring the enormous range of toys and other options. Out of the long list to pick from, a bike or trike for kids of young age is the option that parents usually prefer. However, here is a list of 10 amazing presents that you could give your child on his big day.

10 Amazing Gifts For Kids

  1. Lego Blocks

They may look small, but it is every kid’s dream to explore the endless possibilities that a set of Lego blocks can offer. From a giant castle or a car to an airplane, everything is possible in the world of Lego. Lego blocks can be played with by kids above the age of 3 years, with no upper limits. Because you rarely grow too old for a set of Lego boxes as a gift.

Lego locks

  1. Barbie Dollhouses

A princess Barbie dollhouse is a dream toy for most girls. You have the luxury of designing it exactly as you want it to be. If your imagination knows no bounds, then your doll set doesn’t either. Be it a princess getaway or a rescue mission against an evil wizard by the castle knight. If you can picture it in your head, you can perform it with your Barbie set. So if you want your kid to explore horizons of an imaginary, this is a gift you should be looking forward to buying.

  1. Bicycle/Tricycle

Kids these days are resilient from outdoor activities. However, buying trikes for kids and teaching them how to ride it may be a good idea to push them out into the open. It can help them make new friends and grow as an individual. Bicycles can also be used to cover distances and riding them is a skill that could come in handy at any point in life. If you feel like it’s time to let your 6 years old have a healthy outdoor routine playtime, then this is a gift that you are looking for.

  1. Indoor Sports Items

Like outdoor activities, all physical activities have also been fading away slowly from the life of our children. It’s very important to get them attached to physical activity so that they may never end up as benchwarmers. Your possible options can range from miniature gold, table tennis, bowling, badminton and many more. However, if you still feel that your child isn’t cut out for hard labor but can make excellent use of his brain, then chess is a really good option for brainiacs. Whichever the case may be, developing a hobby from an early age is important to have a better sense of direction towards life.

  1. Light Weight Jewelry

Girls of young age often prefer sparkle and shine to grab everyone’s attention. To feed this habit of theirs, some jewelry items can be an exceptional gift choice for girls. They make them feel special, helps them stand out, and even make them confident.

  1. Rubik’S Cube

If your young one likes to invest his or her brain into healthy gaming, then a Rubik’s cube is a great toy to introduce them to. It can help develop his or her brain to approach problems and work towards solutions subconsciously. Also, it may help them in school too to get to a solution with effective problem-solving skills. So this is a phenomenal toy for enhancing your child’s brain activity smartly.

  1. A Configurable Roller Coaster

No child is not interested in dragons and roller coasters at a young age. This is like a fantasy that everyone entertains as a child and is very popular. Put both of these together and include possibilities to explore in this equation, you get an awesome toy to gift to your 6 years old.

  1. Gaming Consoles

Despite being the most criticized option on this list, gaming consoles are a vital part of every kid’s life. If you can afford them and are still choosing to deprive them, be aware that your child may blame you if he feels alienated when people talk about video games.

Your best option is to buy gaming consoles but restrict the number of hours you allow your child to spend on gaming. This way, you get what you want and so does your child. So there’s always a positive side to this.

Kids Gaming Console

  1. A Digital Hot Wheels Set

No child can choose to stay away from speeding cars. A digital hot wheels track makes them feel that they are in the driving seat. This idea alone is as intoxicating for a child as it gets at a young age. If you want your child to be thrilled, this is a gift that you should seriously consider buying.

  1. Headphones/Speakers

A medium to express themselves is very important for every child at a young age. Children have vibrant personalities and tend to feel asphyxiated if they aren’t allowed to share how they feel. As it turns out, music is a great way to connect. It lets you express yourself and make you streamline your thoughts. For this reason, it is very reasonable to consider getting your children a good portable speaker or a pair of headphones. Such a gift may help them explore their personalities and open up in new ways.


Considering the options available in the market, the possibilities of getting a lovable gift are endless. However, these were some of the best suggestions that you could use to impress your children. Make them feel that you still know what’s best for their special day.

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