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Top 15+ Baby Girls Names Meaningful in Multiple Languages

Picking a baby name which is logical and goes well with the tastes of both mom and dad is tricky sometimes. Whether a name is modern or traditional, the mellifluousness and logic should be there. When kids grow up, they often find a replacement for too unique or weird names. The challenge level simply goes up when it’s about naming a girl child. A name should make your baby proud and add elegance to her personality and not the opposite.

Baby girls names meaningful in multiple languages

Multi Origin Baby Girls Names

A name might have different meanings in different languages and hence special care is needed while picking a modern and unique name for baby girls. Here is a collection of short unique names for baby girls which are meaningful in multiple ancient languages like Latin, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek, Persian, and more.

15+ Trendy Baby Girls Names Having Multiple Origins


Aila is a trendy name which means little eve in English, in Finnish context, the name means carrier or bearer of light. In Sanskrit, the name means abundance of food or refreshment.


In Spanish and African context, the name Aina symbolizes favor or grace. In Japanese, the name means love for vegetables. ‘Ai’ signifies affection or love and ‘Na’ symbolizes vegetables in Japanese. In Urdu, it’s a common word which means mirror.


In both English and French, the name Chante means a stony or rocky place. In French, Chante means a song, usually with a single tone.


Dara – In English, the name means courageous or daring. In Hebrew, the name signifies compassion or wisdom. The name symbolises a gift in the Bulgarian language.


Isha is a beautiful feminine name which means a woman in English. Isha has a spiritual significance in Sanskrit and it means a Goddess.


In Hebrew, the name has a spiritual significance. It means Jehovah is God. Jehovah is the name by which a god once introduced himself to the Hebrews. The name signifies the violet colour in Polish.


Lana means wool in Greek and Latin. In Hawaiian context, the name means alluring, beautiful or illumination. In Russian, the name is written as Лана and means beautiful.

Girl name meanings


In Persian and Hindi, Mina means Enamel or blue glass. The name means Love or affection in German. In Japanese, the name means South direction.


In English, Noa means motion. In Japanese, the name is written as 乃愛 and it means my love or beloved. In Hawaiian, the name Noe means rest.


In Egyptian context, it’s a unisex name and usually means Gypsy. In Indonesian, the name means a colourful bird. In Spanish, it’s a feminine name meaning ‘Our lady of Nuria’


Rena means reborn in English, French, and Latin. In Greek, the name is spelled as Ρένα and means peace. In Hebrew, the name Rena means a blissful song. In Hindi, Raina (pronounced as Rena) means night.


In English, Roman and Latin languages, Rina means ‘of the sea’ or belonging to the sea. It also means joy or pure in English and Roman context. In Hebrew it means a delightful song. In Japanese, the name means Jasmine.


In Hebrew context, Vida means dearly loved. Vida – In Persian, the name means something which is found, evident or smaller in amount.


Yona signifies a dove in Hebrew. The name means a bear in Native American and Cherokee languages.


In Persian, the name means boldness or something courageous. In Egyptian, the name signifies a blooming flower.


Zoya symbolizes beauty or elegance in the Persian language. In Russian, the name is spelled as Зоя and means Life.

The grace and uniqueness of a name is felt by the child and it builds up the confidence in her. A name should be easy to pronounce and memorable and at the same time, it should have the competence to make a child stand out in the crowd. These handpicked modern multi-origin names are positive, inspiring and meaningful in different languages and hence they can be considered while naming a baby girl.

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