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The Ultimate Travel Checklist for 2022

We have all had to miss out on our annual holidays for the past few years and now we have all been vaccinated against covid-19, it looks very much like the world will open up again in 2022. If you are planning an overseas holiday this year, here is our ultimate checklist to help you prepare for your epic adventure.

The Ultimate Travel Checklist for 2022

  • Take out travel & health insurance – Even though global travel is opening up, many countries do require that you have covid insurance, while others want to see general medical insurance up to $50,000. Check with the embassy of your destination country regarding entry requirements, and wherever your holiday destination is, you need health insurance and personal accident cover.
  • Doing some online research – Flying to a third world country for the first time demands some Googling; learn about the history, the culture and the customs; this will enrich the experience and reduce the risk of encountering any issues. Pack for the climate and read a few travel blogs to gain those little insights that save you both time and money, while looking at major tourist attractions and how to get off the beaten track and experience the local culture.
  • What to pack – Doing some research will help you decide what to take; it is normal to over-pack when travelling; look at each item and ask yourself, ‘do I really need this?’ There may be some things that are cheaper or more expensive in your destination country, so pack accordingly. If you are going to a tropical climate, don’t take much in the way of clothes, rather buy shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops when you land (local markets are cheapest). Think about what you are planning to do and don’t forget the sunscreen. Click here for information about how to be more health-conscious in 2022.

  • Visas – Of course, visas need to be obtained prior to anything; you might enjoy a free visa-on-arrival, which usually gives you 30 days, with the option of a further 15 days. Again, this information can be found on the tourism website of your destination nation and don’t leave it until the last minute; foreign travel has become more complex, thanks to the pandemic.
  • Universal electric adapter – Whether you’re going to Thailand or Bali, check the local power supply and take a suitable adapter, otherwise you won’t be able to charge your digital devices. There are small solar blankets that you can use for small levels of power, it depends on the environment you are heading into. A 5-star hotel would be fine, but a jungle village in the south of Thailand would not have any adapters.
  • Make best use of tech – There are a lot of apps that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet, which can help you with your holiday preparations.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand offers the foreign visitor a wealth of information about the many attractions in this unique kingdom. The key to a smooth and enjoyable travel experience is planning, so start looking at potential venues and book your flights.

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