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The ABCs Of Acing Your 2021 Exams

As the reality of exam season sets in, it’s crucial to remember that while revision is second nature for some students, , that isn’t the case for everyone. For others, revising a year’s worth of work is a daunting task, often resulting in stress and anxiety. Thankfully, there are ways for students to get a better grip on their studies!

“Everyone’s got their own unique way of learning and retaining information, and everyone’s affected by exam stress differently. However, with a bit of planning, some healthy habits, and hard work, students can manage exam stress, avoid burnout, and improve their chances of acing their exams,” says Theresa Relihan, Head of Marketing at Logitech Sub-Saharan Africa.

The ABCs Of Acing Your 2021 Exams

Set Up A Dedicated Study Space

Firstly, you should find a study space that’s free of distractions and noise, one that offers plenty of room to absorb knowledge.

Consider a location that provides as much natural light as possible, such as near a window. Research shows that natural light helps you become less susceptible to the impact of stress, assists in maintaining a healthy cognitive function, and improves productivity.

Get The Right Tools

Make sure your new study space has a reliable internet connection, especially if you plan to conduct a lot of research and participate in video conference study groups. Consider starting your own study group– you can host these sessions with friends or classmates on popular video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet.

Also, look at getting equipment to help you study and work more efficiently, depending on your subjects. For instance, if you’re planning on typing essays, a larger ergonomic keyboard may be a better option than your laptop’s built-in keyboard. If you’re studying math or accounting, and spend a lot of time scrolling through formulas, consider investing in an advanced mouse with extra programmable buttons and a quick scroll wheel so you can cover more ground.

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Plan, And Don’t Neglect Your Health

The best way to prepare for exams is to set realistic goals, whether you have several weeks, days, or even hours before your exam date. Putting everything into perspective this way allows you to maximise your productivity, plan properly, and avoid burning yourself out. You can even use apps like My Study Life or Exam Countdown to keep track of upcoming exams and keep your eye on the prize.

Be sure to take frequent breaks, get eight to nine hours of sleep every night, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and get at least half an hour of exercise every day.

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