Sorbet Pedi-care Review – Polishing Sugar Scrub, Intensive Foot Serum And Restoring Foot Cream

When summer hits my feet get so dry and cracked, it looks hideous, and when my heels crack it is incredibly painful. It’s also tough to nurture my feet back into a good state once they have cracked. I came across the Sorbet Pedi-care range in Clicks recently and decided to give some of the products a go. If you suffer with dry and cracked feet read my Sorbet Pedi-care review.

Sorbet Pedi-care Review

The full range of Sorbet Pedi-care includes Polishing Sugar Scrub, Intensive Foot Serum, Restoring Foot Cream, Rejuvenating Heel Balm, Foot Peel Duo Kit, Foot Mask, 4-in1 Pedi Kit, and Cooling Foot Spray. I chose to buy the Polishing Sugar Scrub, Intensive Foot Serum, and Restoring Foot Spray.

The range is pomegranate which I’m a huge fan of since my husband bought me the Johnson’s Vita-Rich body wash a while back. You can read my review on that here.

Pomegranate is fantastic for skin care, helping with anti-aging and preventing wrinkles. It is also fantastic for hydrating the skin.

Sorbet Pedi-care Polishing Sugar Scrub

The Polishing Sugar Scrub has pure sugar, pomegranate extract and Sunflower seed oil, along with other ingredients. You rub the sugar scrub on clean dry feet and then wash off with warm water. It gently exfoliates your skin and revitalises your feet.

Sorbet Pedi-care Intensive Foot Serum

The Intensive Foot Serum locks in moisture, helping to make cracked heels look instantly better.

Sorbet Pedi-care Restoring Foot Cream

The Restoring Foot Cream restores rough, dry, and cracked feet. The lanolin and urea moisturise, deodorise, and exfoliate your skin.

Sorbet Pedi-care Polishing sugar scrub

My Sorbet Pedi-care Review

This range is the bomb. I’ve struggled with dry, cracked heels for as long I can remember every summer. I’ve tried numerous products, the best of which are Simply Bee Heel Balm and Ingrams Camphor Cream. While those two products always work nicely to combat the dryness my feet never really look good or feel great. The bottom and sides of my toes are also always dry and eyesore.

The Polishing Sugar Scrub is my favourite product out of the Sorbet Pedi-care range. I fell in love with it instantly the first time I used it. It has a bright pink colour and smells delicious. After one use, before using any of the other products I could already see and feel a difference in my feet. I felt completely nourished.

The Intensive Foot Serum is fantastic and I could also feel the difference immediately. One gripe I have with it is that the bottle is not user-friendly at all. It is supposed to pump out when you push the top down and I found that it did not work well at all. Instead I had to unscrew the top and use the tube part of the lid to smear it on my feet.

The Restoring Foot Cream also smells divine and does a great job of moisturising my feet. I like that it gets absorbed quickly. This is a very important aspect for me. I’m quite fussy when it comes to the cream I use on my feet since I don’t enjoy having my feet slippery and moist. This cream gets absorbed quickly and within a few minutes my feet and dry but the skin is soft.

My feet have honestly never looked and felt this good in years. I’m super keen to try some more of the Sorbet Pedi-care products. I’m not so sure about the foot peel product, I’ve heard your feet can peel for weeks with those and that’s not something I want to try in summer when I’m in flip flips all day. If anyone has tried a foot peel please let me know how you found it.

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  1. These products sounds amazing from the way you describe it. i hate it when my feet are dry and i always use foot creams before bedtime. how long does the moisture last? would you reccommend it to someone who is pregnant? is it suitable for sensitive skin?

    • I have been using the sugar scrub a few times a week along with the foot serum, and I’ve been using the foot cream morning and night. My feet are soft and moisturised. Regarding pregnancy, I’m really not sure but I think it would be safe, there are no warnings against on the products against using them during pregnancy. I’m sure its great for sensitive skin.

  2. my feet is now always dry after my pregnancy

  3. I really need that for my feet dry and horrible. Bought alot of foot stuff but did not work.

    I wish to win this.

  4. I haven’t tried these products yet, they look absolutely amazing, especially the polishing sugar scrub. Will definitely keep an eye out for them when I go shopping.

  5. Love sugar scrubs. Can’t wait to give this range a try.

  6. I would love to win this hamper, I see Sorbet foot pamper. I have just saved to by my mom a Sorbet foot spa and would pair with this to have her start up foot care routine. Thank you for this.

  7. Thank you so much I too suffer from terribly dry and cracked heals and I believe you when you say it is painful as I know the feeling I sand my heals and apply Vaseline it is good for a little while and then I am back to square one ?

  8. Definitely gotta try this product

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