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Serious Relationship: Signs and Criteria

Meeting the Parents

Meeting with your boyfriend’s parents or meeting with the groom’s parents is a key part of being in a serious relationship. Both men and women will only bring their partner to meet their parents if they feel that their relationship is actually serious and that it has long term potential.

You should not instantly start to get worried if you have not yet met your boyfriend’s or groom’s parents as every person is different and there can be a lot of different affecting factors such as culture, tradition, and religion that come into play into how long you have to in a relationship with your significant other before you meet their parents.

Alternatively, you can ask your partner to meet your parents first which can give them a useful hint and speed up the process of him inviting you to see their parents.

Living Together

Another important step of what makes a relationship from one a non-serious one to a serious one is when you move in together as this provides a whole new more intense dynamic to the relationship. There is a massive difference between living alone and seeing each other a couple of times a month compared to living with each other where you will exposed 24/7 to each other’s behavior and habits which will put a real test on your relationship.

This is why the overwhelming majority of relationship experts will recommend that before a couple becomes engaged or even married that they live with each other for more than one year beforehand to see if they are truly meant for each other.

It will also help both of you gain a lot of real-world experience, as although it may seem surprising there are a lot of people out there who do not know how to do basic housework such as using the washing machine and a vacuum cleaner.

How Long You Have Been Together in a Relationship

The length of the actual relationship is also a big pointer of whether the romantic relationship that you are currently in with someone is a serious one or not. As there is a big difference between a relationship that has been going on for one year and another that has been going on for five years, although this does not mean you cannot have an equally strong connection instead what it does mean is that you likely you do not know each other that well.

Moreover, the longer that you have been together the more steps that you would have taken as a couple such as the ones that we have listed in this relationship article. Also, when you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time you would have got through a lot more problems together thus your relationship will be stronger.

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You Both Know That You Are Exclusive

There are a lot of relationships out there where people have been going out for a long time, but they do not actually know if they are exclusive or not, this is why communication is key and you can discover more about good communication in a relationship on the LeoSystem.news information portal. You need to discuss any problems or worries that you each have without any worries as this will help strengthen your relationship and it will mean that you have a serious relationship where you are striving to actually make things work.

Of course, exclusivity is an important part of forging a serious relationship; a lot of relationships in the 21st century are not serious and are more for intimate reasons with each of the partners involved having multiple friends with benefits relationships.

Knowing Each Other’s Friends

Furthermore, when addressing serious relationships: signs and criteria, a good criterion that your loving relationship has become more serious is when you know each other’s best friends, friends are often overlooked compared to parents but for a lot of people, they are closer to their best friends than their actual parents. Also, the majority of people out there are more likely to share the good and the bad with their friends having a significant part in your relationship in terms of advice and guidance.

As with meeting with the groom’s parents, when you finally get to meet the friends of your partner you are going to be getting further access into their life and into the lives of the people that are important to them which is an essential part of being in a serious relationship with your romantic partner.

Planning for the Long Term

A very good sign that your relationship has reached the serious stage is that both of you are planning for the long term which shows that both of you are planning to stay together indefinitely which will only serve to strengthen the relationship as you are both going to be working towards common goals that can be a lot of different things such as saving for a mortgage so that you can finally move together in a property that you own which you will be able to use, decorate and expand as you wish. As well as of course planning to eventually get married and have children which are two important relationship steps that require a lot of planning to make sure that things go right.

You Truly Trust Each Other

Finally, truly trusting each other is one of the biggest signs that your relationship is serious, as throughout your relationship there will be a lot of people trying to break you up or influence your relationship for no good reason which can include exes, friends, parents and complete strangers that have nothing to do with your relationship whatsoever.

Early in every relationship, such third-party opinions are likely to have at least some effects on your psychology and chemistry but once you settle down, are happy and 100% trust each other there will be nothing that others can say or do that will break you apart.

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