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Quikik The New Math Beta App, Helping Parents Help Their Children – Available To Download Now

Pearson is delighted to announce the launch of Quikik. Quikik is a new maths learning app designed for kids aged 10-14, and their parents who might need some help in teaching math concepts in a productive way for them to learn at home.

Quikik is the latest product to be released from Pearson’s New Products and Solutions team, using innovative AI-assisted math challenges, Quikik helps identify the gaps in learning, creating a quick route to maths mastery and is now available free to download from the Google play and app store.

Reggie Mokotsi, Executive Head of Learning Resources at Pearson South Africa, said: “In South Africa only 33% of matric candidates ‘passed’ maths with a grade of 40% or higher, it is fundamentally important that we lay the foundations for our young children and foster a love for maths. The sudden upheaval of COVID-19 disruptions is pushing many South Africans into full time home-based learning for the first time. In this uncertain environment, it’s important that learning continues, even if it can’t happen in person.

Mickey Revenaugh, Director of New Products & Solutions at Pearson, said: “We know that Mathematical concepts can be challenging for children across the globe under the best of circumstances, which is why we created the Quikik app as a fun, fast way to master Math anytime and anywhere. Given the current COVID-19 crisis, Quikik is here to help sustain Math learning even if school is interrupted, and to keep children productively engaged at home.

Quikik was created by the experts at Pearson to provide a stress free way for parents to help their children with math. Parents may lack confidence when they help with math learning, as they may struggle with it themselves or simply things may have changed since they were at school.

The app provides parent-friendly explanations of some of the key concepts of maths, so parents and their children have a bit more confidence.

For children, Quikik offers a personalised learning experience focused on conceptual clarity and works by the Math concepts being broken down into sub skills. The intuitive technology embedded into the app means it knows the specific bits they need to catch up on, giving the shortest path to mastery.

The app also provides the right level of competition and gamification- making learning maths a fun, engaging experience for young learners in a way that sticks and reinforces math skills.

When learners have downloaded the app, they will take a diagnostic test that identifies which smaller sub skills the learner needs to focus on and then delivers relevant content to ‘fill in the gaps’ rather than revisiting the whole of a concept. As Quikik feeds them bite size style learning, this allows the children using the app to quickly identify the small part they don’t get, learn it and move on.

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  2. Do u need data to use this app

    • Hi Felicia – I don’t actually know the answer to that question! I have asked for clarification and will come back to you soonest.

    • Hi Felicia – ok the app is free to download but it does take data to download it and to use it.

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