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Mamas, Make Jewelry From Your Breast Milk with Precious Mammaries!

Maybe you’ve heard about all the surprising alternative uses of breast milk (besides as a baby beverage), from fighting off ear infections to healing eczema, but have you heard that you can also use your breast milk as the centerpiece for some truly stunning jewelry?

Yes! This is real! Now you can with jewelry maker Precious Mammaries!

How does it work?

Start by picking your favorite piece of jewelry from Precious Mammaries, who can be found at From there you can customize order, check out using PayPal and follow the instructions sent to you for packing and sending your breast milk safely in the mail.

Your breast milk will stay fresh enough for jewelry making for days, so there’s NO need for ice packs or any kind of special handling.

In a week’s time, your milk comes back preserved in glass, pearlized in its own solid rich natural color, securely set in your jewelry of choice. This stone’s texture is completely unique to you. This means every piece is different, making this a very special keepsake!

Who and what is it for?

Since breast milk jewelry is made with real breast milk, it makes a great gift for nursing mothers. However, a mother doesn’t have to be breastfeeding to enjoy one of these keepsakes. She just needs to be able to express milk. This means exclusive pumping mothers or even moms who receive donor breast milk from other moms can make jewelry out of the breast milk they provide for their little one.

Husbands, family members, and friends of breastfeeding mothers commonly purchase breast milk jewelry for the special mother in their life during birthdays and other special occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

Mothers who are currently breastfeeding, just about to wean, weaning, or who’ve already weaned often purchase breast milk jewelry to remember their breastfeeding journey and to celebrate this deep bond with their babies. It’s something they can wear daily and continue to wear for the rest of their lives. They can even pass this jewelry on as an heirloom!

What if I don’t breastfeed or have any more breast milk?

Think of Precious Mammaries as a provider of DNA keepsakes—there are plenty of other things you can preserve. Currently, you can send in ashes, placenta, or a lock of hair. If something is not in this list, you can always request whatever you have in mind.

What kind of jewelry can I pick from?

Precious Mammaries has pendant necklaces, earrings, rings, and jewelry sets. If something is not currently in the store, it doesn’t mean it won’t be offered later. The designs get updated from time to time, usually after a season, so it’s worth it to keep coming back to see the newest designs and options.

Engraving is also offered for certain products that are engravable, for a small fee.

What else do they offer? Breast milk soaps and more!

If jewelry is not your thing and you’re more of a practical mama, you can send in your breast milk to be made into soap. There are many known benefits of using breast milk for your and your baby’s skin. Even Cleopatra was rumored to bathe in breast milk!

They offer different yummy-sounding varieties of breast milk soaps: oatmeal, honey, honey and oats, or just plain breast milk. At just $15 for a 3-soap set, this would be a fantastic gift for moms that deserve some much-needed pampering!

What’s also great about the soaps are the rest of the ingredients. What comes with your natural milk is all either certified organic and/or non-GMO. Everything they use is all natural and does not include chemicals. It’s all unscented, and the only “scents” you get from these soaps are what naturally comes from the ingredients (which is great for those with allergies). The natural smell of oatmeal, honey, and breast milk will make baby go “ooh!”

Besides soaps, Precious Mammaries also has some cute vintage-style nursing covers. More essential breastfeeding items that are both practical and pretty will be coming soon.

Why they’re the best.

Precious Mammaries is a fairly new store but already many mamas prefer them over other breast milk jewelry stores. Here’s why.

  • Fairly priced with cheaper options (stainless steel option vs sterling silver when offered). Other companies will charge from $200–$700, but PM’s price range is about $60–$150.
  • No other store, company, or jeweler makes stones completely unique to you, from your breast milk’s imprint! The competitors stones look dull and plain, so everyone’s breast milk stone looks just like another mama’s stone. Not with Precious Mammaries!
  • Once in a while, a new updated design of the same style you love and purchased once will be available to replace the old style. Instead of paying twice, you can upgrade your old jewelry to the new look for a very low cost! This best-selling Milk Drop necklace for example got a totally new and improved look, and the upgrade starts only at $15!
  • Hypoallergenic options are available for those sensitive to metals. Surgical stainless steel is used for some items, and stainless chains can always be made as an alternative to sterling silver. Most of the items are nickel and lead free.
  • Customer service is superb. You will be in contact directly with Rachel, the designer, and she’ll take care of your concerns and questions readily.
  • Freebies, freebies, freebies and cute packaging!
Here’s a happy mama and her Milk Drop breast milk necklace from Precious Mamaries:

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    • Ah thank you @lynne. Sad thing is my milk is gone now though 🙁

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      • LOL not sure about another baby :O

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      I do love this! Stunning! I’m not sure I could squeeze out enough breast milk anymore as supply is now dwindling. The hair idea sounds cool. I kept a few of Benjamin’s golden locks when he had his first hair cut. Is there anyone doing this in South Africa? I see prices are in Dollars?

      • It’s awesome isn’t it? Seriously though @happyhumanpacifier she only needs a tiny little bit… and as far as I understand she will do it for you even if you are in a different country! Just ask her… besides I think she might be in contact with you at some stage anyway….. I gave her your details of your blog!

      • Lauren Kinghorn

        Oh, Lynne! You are so amazing! Thanks for all the referrals. Good on you. You deserve your success. You give a million fold.

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