Uses for Breast Milk

20 Surprising Uses for Breast Milk

There are some amazing uses for breast milk other than feeding it to your baby! Breast milk has incredible healing properties and is not just great for your baby’s health.

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Here are just some of the ways you can use breast milk:

1. Eye Infections

A few drops of breast milk in addition to a clear eyedropper into an infected eye will rid an infection very quickly. It can even help clear up conjunctivitis (pinkeye)!

2. Ear Infections

A few drops of breast milk in a baby’s ear (and adults too), administered at the entrance of the ear canal, not directly into it will treat an ear infection because of the antibodies found in breastmilk.

3. Stuffy Nose

Just squirt a few drops into your baby’s nose while he/she is lying down, it is a great natural alternative to medications which might even make the situation worse.

4. Throats and Mouth Sores

Swirling breast milk around in the mouth or even gargling with it can help alleviate sore throats and mouth sores

5. Eczema and Skin Rashes

Apply breast milk to the affected area and allow to air dry. Breast milk will keep the skin clean and prevent flare ups.

6. Colds and Flu

Drinking breast milk can help you recover quicker.

7. Immune Booster

Giving older children a glass of breast milk will boost their immune system and keep them from becoming ill.

8. Cradle Cap

Just apply to baby’s scalp a few times a day.

9. Diaper Rash

Use breast milk to prevent and treat nappy rash, but don’t use if baby has a yeast infection.

10. Eye puffiness or Redness

Dab some on cotton wool and apply to the eye, wonderful for removing puffiness.

11. Warts

Apply daily until the wart falls off.

12. Cracked Lips

Breast milk will moisturise your lips and help them heal.

13. Treating Sore Nipples

Applying breast milk will heal them faster than nipple cream and prevent them cracking. This is not advised for moms with a yeast infection.

14. Insect Bites

Rub a small amount onto the skin to alleviate itching.

15. Dry Skin

Great to use as a moisturiser, just rinse off after it has dried.

16. Skin Cleanser

Cleanses skin beautifully and prevents acne.

17. Disinfectant

Apply to an open wound to disinfect it and allow to air dry.

18. Make-up Remover

Breast milk will remove your make-up and leave your skins nourished and soft.

19. Breast Milk Lollies and Breast Milk Ice Cream

These are great for teething babies!

20. Cooking with Breast Milk

Search online, there are loads of recipes from breast milk cheese to breast milk cupcakes!

So why not express some breast milk and store it just in case you need it for anything? Click here to read about Making More Milk.

Update to this post: Check out how you can have your own breast milk made into stunning jewelry by Precious Mammaries, what an amazing keepsake right?

What have you used breast milk for?


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  1. Lauren Ferreira

    Wow… Breastmilk really is amazing! So many things you can use it for… I better get pumping!! 😀

  2. Jessamine McLeod

    Wish I had known these things when I was breast feeding. Breast milk is really awesome!

  3. lamprechtmandy


  4. That is incredible, I had no idea! My baby is only 3 weeks old and I am managing to breast feed ok so far. I’m sure this info will come in handy.

  5. A friend of mine saved small syringes of breastmilk and froze it for all these situations. Def something I am going to do this time around! Works much better than most medicine!

  6. I need to get me some breast milk.. lol I had no idea it had so many good uses.

  7. I really should share this on my Facebook wall! 🙂

    What an incredible bountiful resource!

    And, all from nature, of course.

    So many amazing things they are finding out about breast milk now and how it benefits the baby’s body.

    Also apparently breastfeeding benefits the woman too with lowered risk of breast cancer.

    I’m sure it was fairly common to breast feed multiple years, back in the olden days.

    Now it’s not so common as women have fewer children and breast feed less, preferring the bottle.

    And yet we find out that Mother Nature knows best. 🙂

  8. Hi Lynne,
    It’s really a great post. It is amazing and very helpful. Keep up my dear.

    • Hi Okah

      I am glad you enjoyed it, this is very popular with the moms. By the way I used breast milk for my daughter when she was a baby for her stuffy nose and also to clean her eyes once when they were a bit gunky. It worked beautifully!

  9. Wow!
    At 6 weeks my baby had red spots all over her head neck and cheekbones.
    I applied breastmilk and it really helped.
    Also used it for cradle cap.
    Never knew that there’s so much more…

  10. How awesome is our God!!!
    To not only give us the greatest gift but also milk to feed our precious little ones!!!

    • Wow, wow, and even more wow. This is so insightful. I knew about a few of the ways you can use breast milk, but this is a complete different eye opener. I am definitely saving this down. I actually want to print it out because this info will come in real handy.

  11. And do lots more with it as well!!!☝

  12. I cant believe it! Amazing even make up remover! I must really try this

  13. i was only lucky to breast feed for 5 days then my boy went onto formula this is amazing what all you can do with breast milk my little boy had eye infection since birth so i couldnt even use breast milk used eye drops dr have me which helped but breast milk have so many uses.

  14. I’ve use breast milk for eye infection it works like a bomb it’s amazing how it helps

  15. I grew up having serious eyes infections and my mom would put in a few drops of her breastmilk in my eyes as soon as my younger sister was born. I did that with my kids. .and it really helps

  16. Wow!! Definitely something to keep in mind when my baby comes. Didn’t know that breast milk has so many uses.

  17. wow breastmilk work wonders and thank you

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