Potty training girls vs boys

Potty Training Girls vs Boys

Although the actual process for potty training boys and girls is pretty much the same, there are some differences that you might find helpful to note when starting out on reaching the potty training milestone.

Potty Training Girls vs Boys - Here's what you need to know!

5 Differences in Potty Training Girls VS Boys

1 Girls usually show an interest in potty training earlier than boys

Girls often become interested in a potty training when they are about 18 months old. Boys might show no interest in potty training until well after 2 years old.

Chances are a girl will have her first potty training success at a much younger age than a boy will.

2 Boys tend to take longer to grasp potty training

Girls seem to get potty training right a lot quicker than boys. In general boys take longer to get it right and often have more accidents along the way.

This may be due to the fact that boys are often more active than girls and get distracted more easily which could make spending time sitting on the potty unappealing.

It could also be linked to other developmental milestones, for example a girl’s verbal skills develop at a much younger age than boys.

It could also be that little girls are known to like being clean and dry, while perhaps it doesn’t bother little boys quite as much.

3 Girls are more focused at the task than boys

When girls learn a new task they tend to be more focused at learning that one thing than boys and they seem to grasp things with less repetitive tries.

Boys need a good amount of repetition to grasp something, however they like to jump between activities making focusing on the task of potty training a challenge.

4 Wiping and shaking

A little girl will need to be taught how to wipe from front to back. Watching mommy on the toilet can be very helpful for a little girl.

Chances are that mommy has had an audience most times she goes to the toilet anyway. Perhaps this is why little girls have such a head start since they are copying mommy?

A little boy will need to be taught how to “shake it off”. Letting your little boy go with daddy to the toilet to understand how this process works will help him understand the process.

5 You will need to teach your boy to stand and wee

While boys will start off sitting to wee just like girls, but at some stage you will need to teach your boy how to stand and wee.

He will most likely be too short to reach the toilet, so getting a little step for him to stand on is one option.

You could also get a special boys urinal which will make the process easier and more fun for him.

He will need to be taught how to aim.

If he is using the toilet, then you can throw something in for him to aim at. He will also need to learn to put the toilet seat up if he is having a wee and to put it down again afterwards.

While there may be certain differences between the way that girls and boys go about learning potty training, something that stays the same is that all children love to learn through play.

There are also some really lovely toys you can get your little ones that will help them to understand the process of going to the toilet, like a toddler toilet training doll.

Getting a good potty training book that they can read and look at is also a great idea, not only will it give them something to look at while sitting on the potty but they will get to understand some of the process too.

Toilet training doesn’t have to be hard, it can actually be a fun learning process for parents and children.

Just remember to be patient and remember that each child is different regardless of whether you have a girl or a boy.

For a parent reaching potty training time is one of the most looked forward to milestones. It marks the end of a huge expense and the endless task of nappy changing.

For more potty training tips and information you can visit official site of Potty Training Solution.

Have you noticed any differences between potty training girls vs boys?

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