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Top 5 Best Sports Games For Family

Weeks and months have gone without you spending time with your family. Now you are relieved from work, and the children are home for holidays. So, your next plan is to find an activity that will make you spend precious time with them and enjoy it too.

Sports is one of the ways you can enjoy time with your family. There are numerous games that you can play with your family. Not necessarily in your home country, but you can travel to other destinations to get a new experience of playing on professional grounds.

So, the following are the five best sports games you can play as a family.

Top 5 Best Sports Games For Family


Golf is not gendered sensitive or selective when it comes to age. You can play golf no matter your age or gender. As a family, it would be best if you play golf. It is fascinating and gives you a new experience of practically playing it as you have been watching PGA tournaments.

Currently, this sport is played in many parts of the globe. So, depending on the place, you are travelling to be sure to get a golf course. However, if you want to get the best feel of golf, you can go to Portugal.

It has the most beautiful golf courses, like the San Lorenzo Golf Course. With your family, you will get to play golf as a professional.


Another family sport is bowling. Mostly played in the USA and UK. Other countries are to coming to terms with this game. Currently, more than ninety countries are participating in this sport. If you are looking for a family sport, then consider bowling.

There are two types of a bowling pin and target bowling. However, when it comes to pin bowling, there are different categories. They include;

  • Ten-pin blowing
  • Nine-pin bowling
  • Candlepin bowling
  • Duckpin bowling
  • Five-pin bowling

The most common of these is the ten-pin bowling, and it is played in an indoor arena. But as for target bowling, you will play outside.

Father and son bowling


If you are looking for a sport that will engage every family member, then go for badminton. What you need to play this game are a shuttlecock and a racquet. It has been played in the since 1981 but in Olympics since 1992.

Badminton is categorized into singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. So, playing it depends on your decision as a family. Therefore, if you want to spend time with your family playing then choose badminton.

Beach Volleyball

Planning on going to spend your holiday on the beachside then you can too play as a way of relaxation and bonding with your family. Many people go to the beaches because of the climate. But you can also play games while on the beach, and the best sport is beach volleyball.

In countries like Brazil and other South American and African countries that have access to beaches, they are embracing this sport. Each team consists of two players. Currently, it is not played for fun, but it is a professional sport governed by FIVB. Thus, if you are looking to spend time with your family along a beach, then you can too play beach volleyball.


Also known as footsal, it is a sport that is gaining fame in most European countries. Like five-a-side soccer, there are five players from each team. Futsal is played in an indoor court. Both men and women play this sport.

With your family, you can have beautiful memories by playing this sport. As of now, it is a global sport, but it is best if you go to European countries like Portugal where the game is popular.


There are many more sports games you can play with your family. But these are five of the best enjoyable sports for any family. Thank you for reading this article. Please share with other families too.

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