4 Ways To Deal With A Bully

Another great video by Kristina Kuzmic and this one includes her gorgeous son. Bullying is a very real problem in our schools and it is not just limited to certain schools, cultures or areas. This is  problem everywhere.

It is so important that your children know how to cope with being bullied. If they know what to do it will make it so much easier if it happens to them one day.

The part I really agree with is that if you see someone being bullied, whether you know them or not, stand up for them. If more people took a stand against bullying the problem would surely be smaller.

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  1. This is brilliant!!!

    I can’t wait to get home and show my daughter, we were unfortunate to have a bullying incident a couple of months ago. My little one started in her big school this year in Grade 00. When school holidays came around we sent her back to her crèche as she missed her friends. The one evening we were watching one of the Land Before Time movies and she started asking about bullies, which I thought was about the movie we were watching as that is what it was about. I answered all her questions to the best of my ability referring back to the movie as we chatted. Not once thinking anything of it. In the morning when it came time to go to crèche, I got a phone call from her dad. My child was in hysterics saying she didn’t want to go back to the crèche. Her dad phoned me in complete panic as we had never experienced this type of behaviour from her. She loves school and seeing her friends so her dad was in panic stations. When he put her on the phone my heart broke into a million pieces…….. I had never heard my baby sob like that. After calming her down and finally getting her to be able to speak to me, she finally told me that there is a new boy at the crèche in the class she was in. He had been teasing her all day telling her she was naughty (it doesn’t sound like much, but for a four year old, being told constantly that you’re naughty obviously hurts like hell). Especially when said child is a little lady and actually takes huge pride in her behaviour and pleasing her teachers. Needless to say, after telling her Dad to keep her at home, this mama bear was on the phone to the crèche in a blink of an eye! After talking to the teacher, the principal contacted me. The little boy was new and they had had endless issues with him since he got there. She informed me that he had serious problems at home and they were struggling with him. While we all know that bullying always has a underlining cause, and while I felt bad for him as no child should have to deal with anything as bad as what causes them to act out, my response to them may have been a bit harsh. I basically told them that my little one had been there since she was 8 months old, they watched her grow and were a brilliant school and it honestly saddened me when I had to take her out. She loved it there and they adored her, but that morning she sobbed and told me she never wants to go back there. The principal, being the wonderful woman she is and honestly caring for the kids was mortified and told me they would definitely sort it out (which I believe). I came home and chatted to my baby and explained to her that I had spoken to everyone involved and explained to her why this boy could be behaving like he was. She seemed to feel much better and agreed that she would return to see her friends. She was all good but me, I was finished!! The mixed emotions you feel when someone hurts your baby, the anger towards the situation yet knowing you can’t blame the little boy as you imagine all kinds of things about his home life that could make him behave this way. It was dreadful. I kept my daughter at home the next day and the following week school started. So she never really went back, but school holidays are coming up again and I suppose we will see how it goes.

    • I am so sorry to hear about that @tamara737. I am so terrified of the day when my children have to face these things too. I just wish we could protect our children against any and all problems they come across in life.
      My daughter yesterday just told me she “doesn’t like life because it is just so unfair”. It was kinda funny though because her brother had received a money tin from his playschool teacher to help teach him how to save money. He has to save money up for his own Christmas present this year. My daughter got upset and wanted to know why she didn’t get one and I told her that she just didn’t, life isn’t always fair and then she responded with that comment.
      Little does she know how hard life can truly be and I am dreading the day that sinks in 🙁

  2. @lynne I understand completely what you mean. I am so neurotic, that I worry about high school now, if she will make friends, the things we will have to deal with and what scares me the MOST is that children can be so vicious, without even realising the damage they causing. While i worry about how my baby will deal to be honest i think i worry more about myself. I can so see myself being one of those Mothers hauling into school and grabbing the other child by the ear in the middle of the classroom for something they said to my daughter, which will obviously make things worse for her. I think we as moms, also have a huge shock coming on dealing with the whole when to get involved and when not to.
    I read your Confessions of a bad mother the other day and this is mine, I am overwhelmed with guilt that I had no clue that my little ones incident had affected her so badly when she reached out that night, I honestly thought that it was regarding the show we were watching. Being at work, hearing my baby sob like that and I couldn’t be there to comfort her, made me feel like the worst mother on the planet. They weren’t kidding when they said that once you have a baby you’re allowing your heart to walk freely and independently from your body! I wouldn’t change it for the world but sjoe! Can it break me sometimes.

    • High school @tamara737? Let’s just not think about that for now. My girl is starting Grade 1 in 2018 and I am in a twist about it. Where did the time go? I am just not ready for my girl to start proper school yet.

      I am so with you, there are going to be so many times I am going to want to charge in and rescue my kids but they will need to learn to deal with most things on their own.

  3. Its definitely a scary thought @lynne
    I think one thing people forget to mention is that being a mama tends to get harder the older they become.

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