One World Cultures Review – A Fun Way To Teach Kids About The World

When I was contacted by One World Cultures to try out and write a One World Cultures review about their game I was super excited to have a look. It is incredibly important for me as a parent to expose my children to different cultures and for them to learn as much as possible.

We live in a world where racism and intolerance towards others is still so rife. The only way to combat this is to teach our children to do things differently and better than we have in the past.

This One World Cultures review will take you through what you can expect when signing up.

***Disclosure – this is a sponsored post, however the views remain my own***

One World Cultures Review

What Is One World Cultures About?

One World Cultures is a an online adventure that takes you to different countries around the world. There is a game to play and other exciting features such as family night, to teach you about each country and the people that live there.

The first country to be added is India and there are many more countries (and adventures) coming soon.

One World Cultures Indian Kids

How Much Does One World Cultures Cost?

As mentioned above the country available now is India, with more countries to follow. The pricing below is for India only and more pricing options will follow soon when more countries are added.

If you are in the USA then the price is $19.99 and this includes:

You will get immediate online access to the following:

  • An interactive online game
  • Video discovery centre
  • India family fun night guide

You will receive the following in the mail:

  • Snakes and ladders board game
  • Passport with city stamps
  • Country Sticker
  • One World & India magnet

If you are in any other country the price is $14.99 and includes the online options listed above.

There is currently a fall discount available on their website giving 25% off – so hurry while this is still available.

Also take note that soon after joining your kids can choose a good cause and One World Cultures will donate $1 to that cause.

The Game

My kids and I absolutely loved playing the online game together. Not only did we love learning new things about India, but we also loved watching how the other teams did and how we compared. We enjoyed the comments by the Indian children at the end of each question.

It made it so much fun and interactive. Not only did my kids learn lots of interesting things about India, but I did too.

We went through all four cities and answered all the questions, having some good laughs. Did you know that there is a city called Pooh in India? This went down a treat with my son, anything to do with poop is still very entertaining to him.

One World Cultures India Family Night

Family Night

Family night was a huge hit for us. Every Friday is movie night for my kids so to put a new spin on it made it extra fun for them, especially after playing the game together and learning so much about India.

I personally love trying new recipes and I’ve got a huge fondness for Indian food. I love spicy food, but not hot.

For the food there is a choice of four different options to choose from for your appetizer, main meal and dessert. We went with the samosas to start with, the butter chicken for our main meal and the mango lassi for dessert. The suggested main meal was actually Tikka Chicken Masala but I chose the butter chicken because I love it.

I left the habanero chili out of the samosas since my kids are not too keen on spicy foods and they loved it! The butter chicken they were not too keen on, which I expected, which meant more for me which is great since it is one of my favourite dishes.

The Mango Lassi went down so well, my kids loved it and they have been asking me to make it again. Since there is a variety of dishes to choose from we can have more Indian themed evenings and change it up with different dishes.

To keep with the Indian theme I burnt some incense (if you are in USA you will get this in the mail with your other items listed above) and we played some of the Bollywood songs provided in a Youtube playlist while I cooked the food.

After we finished eating my kids chose The Jungle Book from the videos listed in the entertainment guide. It was perhaps not the most Indian themed movie, but it is set in India and my kids love animals and The Jungle Book.

There is also a fun selection of short Indian themed Youtube videos in this section that we watched at a later date that my kids enjoyed such as getting onto a train in India.

If you are in USA you will have received the snakes and ladders game too. Moksha Patamu is an ancient Indian game that the modern snakes and ladders game is based off.

If you are not in India you can make use of your own snakes and ladders game to end of the night.

I loved learning more about Moksha Patamu on the website, the origin is way more spiritual than you may have thought and goes into the importance of virtues and the danger of vices.

One World Cultures Meals

Discovery Centre

There are more fun videos to watch in the discovery centre – you can meet the four children from India and meet the four teams that take part in the game. You can see the teams taste test some of the foods on the menu see how your kids chores and allowances compare to the featured kids from India.

My Final Verdict For One World Cultures

I love it when fun and learning come together, and learning about other cultures is something that I value highly for my children. It is clear to see that the creators of One World Cultures has put a huge amount of thought and effort into putting this amazing platform together.

It has provided us with hours of fun and quality family time. It is amazing value for money when you look at all that you get for the price – we have played the game to the end and done one family night but there are so many more recipes for us to try and we have still not watched all the videos available on the platform.

I love it when companies give back and I enjoyed watching my kids discuss which cause they felt was more important.

I can’t wait to see which country comes next, I am sure that it will be another fun and information packed adventure.

I hope you have enjoyed my One World Cultures review, if you have any questions please pop them in the comments.

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