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Nutrients That Guarantee Stronger Bones, Their Development & Growth

While a healthy diet is undoubtedly advantageous for your personal growth and nourishment, however knowing which minerals and vitamins to target for your daily intake can help you reap their maximum benefit is essential. This is why in this post we would like to target such nutrients that can help you grow stronger bones and make sure that their growth occurs in a healthy manner so that they are not prematurely developed. Bones are an important part of our human body and they allow us to do a lot of our daily tasks. Not only do they provide support for movement and activities, but they also give our structure its form that is visible to the other person and us as well. Many people nowadays complain of pains and other forms of sufferings in their old age and the majority of them is caused by poor bone health. Wrists, hips, and spine are most susceptible to have fractures for those people who do not take care of their bones. So let’s take a look at how you can combat such adversities by taking proper care of yourself during your younger years.

Nutrients that guarantee stronger bones

Minerals That Offer Tremendous Support for Bone Health

  • It has been found that Vitamin D on its own isn’t enough to offer you the needed support to guarantee bone development. This is why Boron is considered by injury doctor and orthopedic professionals as an important mineral to develop and grow bones normally. Food sources rich in Boron include avocados, dried apricots, red kidney beans, and walnuts.
  • For the significant metabolism of bone, copper is shown to be particularly vital. This involves certain enzymes such as lysyl oxidase that assist in the incorporation of collagen and elastin that forms the organic constituent of bones. Food sources that are rich in copper include dried prunes, kale, mushrooms, and oysters.
  • It is quite unfortunate that many studies have revealed most Americans as much as 80% to have a magnesium deficiency which negatively impacts bone growth in said individuals. Food sources rich in magnesium include almonds, black beans, dark chocolate, and sesame seeds.
  • Manganese is another mineral that has been found to be quite influential when it comes to gaining bone density, especially in postmenopausal women. Food sources that are rich in manganese include cooked mussels, hazelnuts, whole grains, and pumpkin seeds.
  • The distribution of various nutrients within your body including calcium is dependent on the amount of nickel you consume in your daily diet. Hence adequate levels of nickel should be included to keep your bones healthy. Rich food sources include cashews, pure cocoa powder, red kidney beans, and spinach.
  • Around 85% of all phosphorous found in our bodies is within our bones. Phosphorous is fundamental for the growth and maintenance of our bones. Food sources rich in phosphorous include brazil nuts, lean beef, lentils, and salmons.
  • Calcium within the body is often lost due to metabolic aid and urine. Potassium works to reduce such loses and neutralizes the process. Rich food sources include baked acorn squash, bananas, potatoes, and white beans.
  • One of the least understood of all trace minerals that positively impact bone and joint health is selenium. Rich food sources include eggs, poultry, shellfish, and sunflower seeds.
  • In order to augment bone growth and support their formation, both silica and silicon play a unique role early on. Without them, bone mineralization cannot continue. Rich food sources include rhubarb, leeks, strawberries, and garbanzo beans.
  • Scientists around the world have discovered some amazing benefits of strontium which not only stimulates bone growth but also inhibits the bone deterioration process. Rich food sources include barley, carrots, peas, and mollusks.
  • Vanadium is another mineral that has proven in several research studies to increase bone formation without any adverse effects. Rich food sources include black pepper, mushrooms, spinach, and wine.
  • The forming of new bone cells within our body requires traces of zinc. Zinc deficiency results in delayed bone growth and thus reduces its health and overall development. Rich food sources include beef, lamb, spinach, and wheat germ.

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Vitamins That Are Vital for Your Bones

Now that we have covered minerals apart from the obvious calcium that plays an important role in bone development and their overall health, let’s take a look at some vital vitamins that can help you achieve stronger bones:

  • Vitamin A: this might come as a surprise but higher levels of this vitamin in your body results in headaches and bone loss. However, it has been shown to be effective within a controlled intake. Thus you must make sure that your daily intake of this vitamin is less than 10,000 IU or 3,000 mcg. IU is the internationally recognized measuring unit of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, & E.
  • Vitamin B12: lower levels of this important vitamin have been found by many studies to be linked with a higher risk of bone problems in both men and women. Rich sources of Vitamin B12 can be found in breakfast cereals (fortified only), dairy products, eggs, fishes, meats, milk, poultry, and shellfish.
  • Vitamin C: for healthy gums and bones without question. This vitamin helps in the formation of collagen which serves as the foundation on which bone mineralization is built upon. Increased levels of Vitamin C result in greater bone density.
  • Vitamin D3: though the best source of this vitamin comes from the sun, the human body is known to produce 10,000-20,000 IU of vitamin D in merely 20 minutes or so. You can also ask your doctors to conduct a test regarding this vitamin to know if you are doing good or not.
  • Vitamin K2: a wonderful creation of nature that enables the cleansing of your bones and the removal of calcium deposits within the arteries. Traditional Japanese food known as natto is one of the most potent natural sources of Vitamin K2. It is a fermented soybean edible item. Other sources include egg yolks, kale, and sardines.

We hope this post was able to offer you some great advice regarding nutrients that you should focus on with respect to healthier bones, their proper growth, and development. For more queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your feedback and opinions in the comment section below.

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