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A healthy glow with lighter, brighter skin is a measure of beauty that few can achieve and only dream about.  To have glowing, bleached skin while still maintaining a natural look seems to be nearly impossible, especially if you want to emulate lightened skin in intimate areas as well.  Fortunately, skin bleaching has become a top beauty trend, but be wary when navigating which product is best for you.

Why Use Skin Lightening Products on Your Intimate Areas?

These areas of skin can become darker than the rest, and for beautification purposes, there is a growing popular interest in brightening intimate areas to feel confident in every part of our skin.

Many people simply just want to feel beautiful in every area, others want to prepare for a romantic vacation, and there are those using skin-bleaching techniques for a special occasion, like a wedding or anniversary. Regardless of whether you want to use skin bleaching on your anal or vaginal area for you or your partner, the satisfaction of a balanced skin tone in every part of your body cannot be beaten.

Why Are Intimate Areas of the Skin Darker Than the Others?

Skin cells contain enzymes and these enzymes manufacture a substance called melanin.  Melanin are pigments in the skin that give it coloring, and the more melanin that is produced, the darker the skin appears.  Natural skin lightening products target this production of melanin and begin work on lightening the pigmentation of the skin.  With repeated use, the melanin slows and the skin lightens.

Other factors like genetics and family history come into play when darker areas of the skin is concerned.  Weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and hormones are all attributing variables to melanin production and differently pigmented skin.

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Natural Methods to Lighten and Bleach Skin

It can be difficult to weed through the vast array of products that advertise skin lightening but contain harmful chemical agents.  Lightening genitalia skin is not an easy task, and it is challenging to find a hypoallergenic product or method to do so.  However, there are a handful of fairly effective ways to lighten your genital skin naturally:

Lemon Juice: A tried and true method that has been used as a natural way to bleach skin, but fair warning, because lemon is naturally acidic, this solution may cause some stinging in the intimate skin areas.  Use two tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with ten drops of rose water to create a solution and apply it to your vaginal skin or anal area to lighten it.

– Aloe Vera: This plant has known properties that induce skin lightening.  By cutting a leaf in half and applying the juice to your intimate area, the aloe vera begins to regulate melanin production, thus lightening the skin.  Aloe vera naturally cools and soothes the skin, so when it works to lighten it, it also promotes the healing of skin cells.

Yogurt: While using yogurt on your genitalia areas seems odd, trust us when we say that the amount of nutrients in yogurt goes a long way to lighten skin.  Yogurt contains vitamin B5, which works to brighten skin, lighten dark spots, and helps repair damaged skin like scarring.  Be sure to wash the yogurt off after five minutes and follow up with a few drops of lavender essential oil for a pleasant smelling after effect.

How to Pick the Right Natural Skin Lightening Product

For skin lightening in the genitalia areas like the anal and vaginal regions, natural products are the safest.  These places on your body are sensitive and serve as important parts for the proper functioning of your body’s system, and so they should not be exposed to lightening products with harsh chemicals.

The skin in the anal and vaginal areas are more sensitive than the rest of your body, and you will want to use a skin lightening product that adheres to this sensitivity.  There are many skin lightening products on the market that utilize harmful ingredients like kojic acid, mercury, methylparaben, and propylparaben.

Other natural skin lightening products such as Burt’s Bees and Kiehl’s Ultra also produce compelling results, but the issue being that these effective products are not meant to be applied to the anal or genitalia areas, just on the facial region.  The search for an all-natural, hypoallergenic intimate skin bleaching product is limited, but fortunately, due to the up and coming trend of intimate skin bleaching, there are emerging products on the market.

Intilight is one of the top selling products for intimate skin lightening because Intilight does not utilize these harmful ingredients that many other competing brands do.  Intilight works like natural skin bleaching methods, except this product tends to work faster, and in just a few weeks there is a noticeable, visible difference in skin pigmentation.  This non-prescription product is a cost effective way to naturally lightening genitalia skin, works for all skin types and colors, and if you do not see results, it has a money-back guarantee.

Remember That Natural is the Way to Go

No matter which way you choose to bleach genitalia skin, it is crucial that you remember that natural ingredients are the best and safest way to go.  When you select a product or treatment method that uses 100% natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, you are immensely lowering the risk of an adverse skin reaction.

Harsh chemicals do not go well with genitalia skin bleaching, and you could cause serious damage to this sensitive area of skin if you select a product that does not meet the standards or regulations of skin lightening use on genitalia.  As tempting as it may be to save money, don’t buy into a cheaper product to save a few bucks.  Skin bleaching products, especially those for intimate areas, should be as safe as they are effective.

Skin bleaching intimate areas of the body is no longer just a pipe dream; it can certainly become your reality.  Everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, but remember that safe, natural ingredients should only be used on these intimate parts of our body.

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  1. There a quite a few new products on the market that claim to make your skin lighter but in actual fact damage your skins defence system. I have read about on this a while ago.
    Being an Indian, I can relate to many reasons as to why people want to be a lighter complexion.

    I am content in my skin and don’t believe I would change it for the world. But for those who want to lighten their skin it is best to opt for the home remedies rather than and over the counter products. This recently has become such a scheme that many products are falsely advertised to assist with skin lightening when they actually don’t work.

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