Wholesale Baby Clothes made in South Africa

Wholesale Baby Clothes made in South Africa

I am so sorry I have taken so long to get around to sharing this post. I know that so many of my wholesale customers for baby clothes have been literally chomping at the bit to find out who can supply the same products that I was supplying until recently.

I gather from your calls and queries there are not many people that supply quality wholesale baby clothes made in South Africa.

It has taken quite some work to make the necessary changes to my business and website as well as trying to find someone I can refer you all to. Someone that will give you the same quality clothing and the service that you require. Someone that you can trust.

On that note I just quickly want to clear up some confusion. I have had so many of my wholesale baby clothing customers calling me because they have been told by people that I have completely closed my business Kaboutjie and that they are officially taking over all my customers.

Just to clarify, my business is not completely closed. As you can see from my website and my pumping social networks I am very much still running. I closed my stores yes, and I changed the direction of my business but I am still very much here.

And until very recently there was nobody I felt happy recommending to my wholesale customers… so unless you heard a recommendation from me personally well it didn’t come from me did it?

On that note….

Wholesale Baby Clothes made in South Africa

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to Schnookypie. Jaclyn from Schnookypie has been working like crazy to get her product range started to supply you.

She is starting off with the wholesale baby bodyvests in short and long sleeves. She told me her colour range is starting off with white, black, navy, light pink and light grey mélange.

And yes I know, I can literally hear all the moms going “Oh no! What about the red??”

I told Jaclyn that you will want the red and she said she will happily include that as soon as possible, so don’t panic. It is in the pipeline!

Jaclyn will be using the same exceptionally high quality 100% cotton fabric and her workmanship is absolutely outstanding.

You can contact Jaclyn via email at hello@schnookypie.co.za

Wholesale Baby Vests

What About the Clothing Labels?

A lot of my customers order labels for their clothing through me which I had sewn into their baby clothing. I still have a lot of labels with me and I am sorry I have taken so long to getting around to sending them to you!

I have spoken to Jaclyn and she said she is more than happy to also sew your own labels into your clothing orders. So if you would like me to send your labels directly to her and not to you please let me know as soon as possible.

Otherwise I will send them back to you.

If you want to order more labels, or perhaps place your first order for clothing labels please contact Ryan from World of Labels.

If you have previously ordered from me your plates are with him, just let him know it was from my account.

A Huge Thank You!

I want to say a huge thank you to all my customers, in particular my wholesale customers simply because I formed some really close relationships with you.

You supported me with business over the years and for that I am grateful.

I loved all the chats and laughs we had. I enjoyed discussing your business and how I could help you grow.

When I informed everyone about my decision to close my stores and venture into blogging full time I was astounded at the response. From the minute I published that post both my mobile phone and my landline phone rang off the hook for 2 days solid. It took me days to reply to all the emails I received.

Even though there was so much disappointment because I was closing my store I received understanding, support and good wishes in my new ventures.

And of course a Thank You to Jaclyn from Schnookypie! I have known Jaclyn for a few years now and I have had a good number of business dealings with her. I am happy and relieved that I can now refer my much valued customers to someone I trust to look after them properly!

It has been over 2 months now since I made this change to blogging and I am loving it. The only thing I miss are my wonderful customers that I chatted to on a constant basis.

So if you have any questions or maybe you just want to say hello, please don’t be a stranger!

Feel free to leave a comment and I will come back to you as soon as possible.



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  1. Tsholofelo Sibanyoni

    You have just saved my life, thank you for this post

  2. Please can I have a price list plain baby grows

  3. Well I am all for people purchasing from their own country. The home brand is definetly what we need to support. And a small world I went to school with jaclyn.

  4. I have them on facebook and omw they have cute clothing i havent ordered yet buy go through their page and love what they have.

  5. This looks like great baby clothes, especially for wholesale.

  6. I want to purchase your products for resale may i have details about the catalogues and pricing

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