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Stand UP Together SA: Wear the T-shirt that shows you stand up in solidarity and in support of charities combating Gender Based Violence

Stand up together SA

#StrongerTogether #UnitedAgainstGBV #StandUp COVID-19 has placed charities and brands under enormous pressure. As more and more people utilise online shopping, Kindred is faced with the perfect storm of trends to help everyone – by giving back to those who care the most. With kindness at our core and it shines …

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Best Baby Formula In South Africa

Baby Formula

There is no question that the best milk for babies is breast milk. However, in many instances, moms cannot breastfeed due to medical reasons or choose not to for personal reasons. Baby formula does not encompass the immune molecules that are passed to your baby from your breast milk, however some …

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6 Ways How To Teach Kids About Racism

Kids rainbow nation

The topic of racism is hot in the media right now all over the world and I believe that this is something that we need to bring to the attention of our children. As a white mother living in South Africa it is my duty as a parent to teach …

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Worksheetcloud Offers Free Live Online Lessons To Learners

Children with laptop

Worksheetcloud launches free online lessons for grades 3 to 7, offering learners up to three live-streamed online lessons per day from Thursday 2 April, during the national lockdown.  Subjects covered initially will be Mathematics, English and Natural Science, with more grades and subjects added over time. To join a live …

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Coronavirus Effects On Parents In South Africa

Coronavirus Effects on Parents In South Africa

It is heart breaking to see the havoc that is being wreaked across the globe due to the Coronavirus in the last few weeks and now that COVID-19 has hit South Africa things are getting rough. In the last few days I have seen some people have to close their …

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