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Here’s How You Can Help Your Child Pursue A Career In Tech

Is your child’s teacher saying that they have a keen interest in computers? Or is your child spending most of their free time alone with a computer? If yes, this may be signs that you are parenting a future tech-savvy and you should help them hone this interest and pursue a career in tech when they reach adulthood.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of IT jobs will increase by 13 percent from 2016 to 2026. Thus, information technology is a progressive and constantly changing industry, promising a wide range of opportunities in the future for today’s young tech-savvies. Moreover, in terms of industry growth, work-life balance, accessibility, and salary, people that have a career in technology are consistently ranked among the happiest employees worldwide.

Thus, with so many reasons proving that a career in tech brings many benefits, you should encourage your child to pursue it in the future. Read on to find out how to help your children prepare for the future world of work and the impact of AI on businesses.

Here's How To Help Your Child Pursue A Career In Tech

Reasons technology skills are essential today

If the benefits of a tech career didn’t convince you because you think that there is still a long time until your child will join the workforce, find out how having technology skills can help your child throughout their whole life.

Most jobs require tech skills

Today’s businesses all rely on technology. So, it is almost impossible to find a job that won’t require your child to know at least the very basic things about using a computer. Yet, the better the job is paid, the more tech knowledge is required.

Tech skills boost problem-solving thinking

There are other many benefits your child can get from tech know-how even long before they enter the workforce. Specialists say that tech skills help them develop other skills like problem-solving thinking, communicating, and following instructions.

Tech skills nurture determination

If a child learns a new programming language or figures out the basis of graphic design program, they will for sure know that there is so much new territory to explore in the IT space so that they will want to expand their knowledge.

Try to uncover their strengths

Every child is born with certain strengths in different areas that will be valuable once they reach adulthood and need to start building a professional career. Those strengths need to be uncovered quickly so that you can help your child find their true powers and work on developing them. Almost every child these days has access to gadgets and devices starting from very young ages. In fact, they learn how to use a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer in a very small amount of time.

There is nothing surprising about it because they are born in an era where technology is all over the place. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every child who loves playing on their smartphones will later pursue a career in tech. So, you need to take advantage of your child’s in technology and determine if they are really passionate and skilled in understanding technology inside and out. There are millions of tools and resources online that can help you see if your child really has a calling for STEM.

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Find a mentor for your child

Kids love to have a role model from whom they can learn. A role model makes them become more motivated to achieve good results and it helps them learn more easily. If your child shows strong interest in a tech career path, help them find an encouraging and inspiring mentor in this field. For example, you could encourage your child to apply for an internship at a professional software engineering company where they can get in contact with the real-life work of an IT specialist. Your child can learn from specialists and find a great mentor that will fuel your child’s career aspirations.

Don’t limit your child to gender stereotypes

It is well-known that there are far fewer women working in tech careers than men. However, you have to ensure that your child will do and try the things that capture their attention and align with their passion no matter their gender. Females should have the opportunity to get early exposure to science, technology, or engineering and determine whether they are passionate about a career in tech or not. Thus, do not discourage your child, whether it is a boy or a girl, to choose another passion that is more “suitable” for their gender.

Invest in your child’s college degree

Most people claim that to pursue a career in tech, you don’t necessarily have to have an academic degree. However, a four-year bachelor’s degree is the best way for your child to pursue their passion and develop their tech skills to a whole new level.  Today’s tech-savvies are researches by nature and very often search on the internet for new knowledge or skill development. However, there is no one better prepared to help your child develop a career in tech than their university professors. If your child’s interest in IT and technology doesn’t decrease as they are getting older, you should support them to continue an educational degree that will teach them every insight of this field.

Be patient and encouraging

As your child navigates their career path, they might change course or not. If your child continues to nurture a passion for technology, you are responsible to offer them every necessary resource for them to achieve a career in tech. be patient with your child and encourage them to keep developing their tech skills until the moment of starting their career will come.

It’s a fast-changing world where technology is omnipresent in schools, workplaces, and even in our homes and everyday lives. Helping your child to pursue a career in tech from very young ages will help them be prepared for the impact of AI on the future of work and they will excel in their chosen field.

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  1. Monica Stevens

    So many parents are so against there children having phones and devices at a young age and I do understand it as it can be so dangerous but it is the way of the world and we need to keep them in touch with that or they will lose there way. We as parents just need to monitor what they are watching and doing with the technology they do have and we need to keep it balanced.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes I do agree with you, it is about finding the right balance and making sure they are kept safe!

      • Nthabiseng sentle

        Am definitely sharing this with my sister, her child is into computers and art,that boy can draw and she likes fixing stuff,this would really help in him making a good career choice for him

  2. I think this is good. So it is important for us parents to monitor our children phones so they don’t get up to no good. So how do i monitor without making my child to think I am a helicopter mom?

    • I don’t hover over my kids all the time but I have made it clear to them that I will check in whenever I want to and I do.

  3. Thanks for the above information.
    You are right the future of our kids and their kids to come will be in a much more advanced stage of technology. My son is only 3 and he knows so much on how to work on the cell phone and the tablet. (Kids today were born with a built in understanding of technology) lol

  4. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    This is great advice because everything and everyone is going digital

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