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Top 12 Healthy Snacks Parents and Kids Love

Having trouble getting the kids to eat healthy foods? Of course, junk food tastes delicious, so kids are going to gravitate towards foods they probably shouldn’t have too often. However, there are plenty of healthy snacks that kids will love. Below are a number of snacks that are loved by parents and kids alike. As an added bonus, kids can make many of these snacks on their own, adding to the fun of having something fantastic to eat.

Top 12 Healthy Snacks Parents and Kids Love

Fresh Fruit

A bowl of fresh fruit is a delicious snack that’s easy to make. Little kids can use a kid-safe knife to cut most fruits by themselves, allowing them to pick out and make a fruit bowl they’re going to love eating. Be sure the bites are the right size for the littlest eaters to avoid being a potential choking hazard.

Apples And Cheese

Apple and cheese slices are a great option if you need something that can be eaten at home or on the go. Try different types of apples and cheese to figure out which ones the kids love the most. Whatever is picked, they’ll enjoy a finger food they can snack on, and you’ll enjoy being able to grab and go on a busy day.

Bananas And Peanut Butter

Bananas are a great snack on their own, but they’re even better paired with peanut butter. Cut in half lengthwise and add peanut butter on top or put a little peanut butter in a bowl and let the kids dip. Other types of nut butter can be used as a substitute for peanut butter and may end up being a new favorite for everyone.

Hummus And Carrots

Hummus can be purchased or made at home. No matter which option you pick, it’s perfect for dipping carrots and other vegetables. If you have a picky eater, try letting them dip their veggies in hummus. They’ll love the taste and may end up being more willing to eat vegetables.


Popcorn gets a bad rep because of the huge amount of butter or oil added at the movie theater, but it’s actually a healthy snack that kids will love. Make it for watching movies at home to cut down on the amount of butter or oil used and pick out seasoning to add for unique and fun flavors.


Toast only takes a minute or two to make, and many kids can learn how to use the toaster easily. Once the toast is made, add on a healthy topping for a snack that’s nutritious and filling. Kids will love being able to add on the toping on their own, and there are tons of varieties to pick from, so it’s a snack kids will enjoy over and over.

Health toast toppings

Deli Meat And Cheese Stick

Need something fast? Wrap a cheese stick with a little bit of deli meat. This is something that can be eaten anywhere, as it is easy to make and a finger food. Going on a trip? Pack some deli meat and cheese sticks in a cooler, and the kids can have a healthy snack whenever they’re hungry.

Ants On A Log

The kids might squirm when you mention having ants for a snack, but they’ll love it. Fill a piece of celery with peanut butter, then add raisins to create the ants. This is a fun snack for kids to make on their own, and it’s a little bit silly, so it’s likely going to become a favorite. Other toppings can be added, depending on what the kids like and what creatures they want crawling on the log.

Peanut Butter And Honey

Peanut butter mixed with a little bit of honey to create a smoother texture is the perfect dip. Pretzels are a great way to enjoy the dip, and it offers the perfect amount of sweetness while still being a healthy snack option. Other options include carrots, apples, or vegetables. Plus, it can be spread on crackers for a delicious treat on the go.

Frozen Yogurt Popsicle

On a hot day, what’s better than a popsicle? Unfortunately, many popsicles aimed at kids are sugar water that’s been dyed and frozen with a little bit of flavor added. They’re not the healthiest option, though they are fun to have occasionally. Instead, try delicious frozen yogurt popsicles. Made at home with healthy ingredients, this will be a popsicle the kids will love, and you won’t mind them having it more often.


While most cookies aren’t the best option when you’re trying to eat healthier, there are plenty that are great for kids to enjoy without feeling guilty about what they’re eating. Peanut butter cookies are simple to make, requiring only a few ingredients, and are a healthier type of cookie. Oatmeal cookies can be made at home, too, and fruit can be added for a sweeter taste without making them unhealthy.

Banana split

Banana Splits

Banana splits sound like a decadent dessert, but, like cookies, there are healthier options. If the kids have a sweet tooth and want something delicious for a snack or dessert, create banana splits with a fresh banana, frozen yogurt, and fresh fruit for the toppings. A few sprinkles can make it a lot more fun to eat and won’t take away from the other healthy ingredients.

Mini Bagels

Mini bagels can be eaten cold or warmed up. Spread cream cheese or another dip on top for a snack the kids will enjoy. This is another one that’s great for on the go, as it’s easy to make ahead of time and pack for the kids to eat when they get a bit hungry.

Give these recipes a try to see which ones your kids love the best. They’re all healthy options for snacks that are easy to make, and most of them can be made by the kids with just a little bit of help for the younger ones. These are sure to be a huge hit, and you’ll have the kids eating healthier while still giving them snacks they’ll love.

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