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5 Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

Drinking water is a subject that many kids loathe. Not because they don’t need water, but due to the simple fact that to them water is neither tasty nor fun. As a parent, when your kid becomes choosy about foods, you will end up preparing whatever meal he or she likes while making sure to include other foodstuffs that make it balanced. However, when it comes to water, many parents are clueless.

Water is essential to a child’s health. It is responsible for the regulation of the body temperature, prevention of constipation, and suppression of chances of urinary tract infections. If your child doesn’t take enough water, he or she will be vulnerable to severe health conditions. To avoid such situations, here are tips to make your child drink the required amount of water daily.

5 Creative ways to get your child to drink more water

Beautify Water

Kids often notice and eat the most colorful food substances, leaving the rest untouched. Since water is neither colorful nor packaged beautifully in most cases, they tend to dislike it.

As a parent, don’t assume that they won’t drink water no matter what. Simply make water pretty by adding healthy and colorful food colors or create ice cubes from water with fruit chunks in it. Your kid will enthusiastically ingest it and he or she might even ask for more.

Make It Tasty

Tap water doesn’t taste great causing many kids to dislike it. Add a squeeze of fresh fruit like pineapples, watermelons, berries, and oranges in water and it transforms its taste, making your kids want to drink more. Make sure to experiment with different types of fruits since kids are also picky when it comes to fruits.

Make Drinking Water Fun

It is hard to come across a kid enjoying water from a cup and yours is no different. You have to make the drinking process fun for your child. One way that works is to give them a straw since kids love the feeling it provides when they slurp water.

You should also get beautifully colored water bottles that your child will enjoy drinking from. Always monitor your child to replace water when it is finished and avoid situations where they refill their bottles with dirty water. During cold seasons, get a good water boiler to keep warm water readily available for refilling your kid’s bottle.

Make It Available

Kids often tend to focus on play so much that they forget about thirst. You should always have a bottle of water nearby for your kid to easily drink whenever they feel thirsty. Sometimes, you will have to encourage them to take a sip or two. Interestingly, they often end up drinking more since the moment they take a sip, they realize that they were indeed thirsty.

Use Other Options

Mix juice or milk with water if your child doesn’t fancy plain water. Play around with the ratios, making sure that water constitutes to half or more. You can also play games whereby your kid has to drink a small glass of water before getting his or her favorite beverage or snack. When this becomes a habit, he or she will have gotten used to drinking water.

You can choose a method to use or simply use them interchangeably to ensure that your young one takes the required amount of water daily. Whichever method that seems to work for you, make sure to follow it through until it becomes a habit.

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